Landing Page Optimization: Broadcasting School


Analyst Heather Andruk reviewed this landing page, submitted by Broadcasters Mentoring Group.

Analysis of channel:


Test different copy in your ads that will explain the value of your site. Try to use quantifiable information such as how many students have seen success using your program. Perhaps test a second version to reference the hands-on mentoring opportunities.


Analysis of landing page:

  • Your headline should immediately connect with your ads. Your current headline is not a strong statement defining that your company is the provider; it almost looks like an article. Remove the quotes and test different variations of your headline. For example:
    • Start Your Broadcasting Career With Hands-On Training At Your Local Station
    • Over 345 People Have Successfully Launched Their Broadcasting Career with BMG
      • These could be followed by a sub-headline

Identify the main objective of the site

  • Currently there is no clear eye-path. Immediately the eye is drawn to the large images in the center of the page.
  • A lot of copy has to be scanned through before understanding what your site is about
  • It may be challenging to the users to understand what exactly your company does. Are you a school, a mentoring program, a job placement site? Currently you have to click through several pages to understand exactly what you offer. You should clearly identify on this page what you offer and entice the user to want to continue to learn more.
  • Reduce the number of clicks and links to various pages to get all of this information
    • For example: You are providing long copy after which you ask users to choose the category. Next, they are directed to another long copy page where you then ask them to select the training program where you also mention that they should look at both options.
    • There is too much unsupervised thinking on these pages. Perhaps include a chart identifying what you get with one program over the other to make it easier for the user. The key point is to develop a clear path to funnel the users through.
  • Reformat this page by updating the headline, followed by a brief intro paragraph and bullets identifying the benefits of your programs. Currently your bullets are too far down on the page. You want to make it easy for the user to digest the information.

Relocate credibility indicators

  • The testimonial on this page is a good element to help reduce friction and anxiety, however the format and location can be improved.
    • Testimonials are supporting elements, however, currently yours appears as a large image distracting the user from the main objective of the page
    • Remove the color and perhaps even the box around it and relocate it closer to the call to action button
    • Perhaps include some of the stations users can work with as additional support

Call to action

  • Test different calls to action such as “Get My Free Consultation.”

Audience: What do you think? Use the comments field to post your suggestions for this landing page, agree/disagree with Heather’s assessment, and let the page owner know what you would do differently.

We’ll post our next landing page on Tuesday …

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