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Senior analyst Gina Townsend reviewed this landing page, which was submitted by



Analysis of landing page

The objective of this landing page is to provide users with the ability to create a photo website and get them to click through to the free trial.


  • I think the headline on the landing page does a good job communicating that, however the headline is not directly in the eye path.
    • What is in the eye path is the logo, tagline and site navigation
  • While the header image does a good job portraying the product, it’s distracting and takes the focus away from the call to action
  • The headline and copy in the PPC ad maximize the relevance from the keyword searched in Google — this is a great practice
    • The headline on the landing page also continues the continuity from the keyword searched and ad clicked; however since the headline is not directly in the eyepath, it may take a while for the user for the user to notice and read this.

Other points of concern include:

  • The page is really lengthy which gives the appearance of a complicated product (friction)
  • The credibility indicators look like clickable tiles and are colorful, which tend to be distracting and draws the eye to this area (friction)
  • The main navigation will take the user away from the main objective (friction)
  • The credit card logos in the footer convey that there is a cost involved; this will cause unneeded anxiety with a free trial (anxiety)
  • The free trial incentive gets lost with the page design and header image (incentive)


At first glance, I don’t see a value proposition for the product (value proposition)

  • Why should I choose Shozam over a competitor?

Recommendations for testing

To simplify the landing page, here’s what I’d recommend for revising the layout:

  • Decrease the size of the tagline next to the Shozam logo
  • Move the headline up on the page, preferably next to or below the logo and tagline
  • Remove the navigation, this landing page should supply all needed information for the user to make an intelligent decision
  • A free trial is a terrific incentive, while this is clearly communicated on the page, it should also be communicated in the PPC ad
    • It may confuse the user that the only option on the landing page is a free trial when it wasn’t part of their original motivation to arrive at this page
    • If you include the incentive in the PPC ad, be sure to also communicate this in the headline on the landing page
  • Reduce the size of the header graphic, it takes up valuable real estate on the landing page; showing one or two examples should be sufficient
  • Reduce the amount of content on the page, only include enough copy to explain the product and its benefits

Audience: What do you think? Use the comments field to post your suggestions for this landing page, agree/disagree with Gina’s assessment, and let the page owner know what you would do differently.

We’ll post our next landing page on Monday …

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