Most Popular Marketing Experiments Conversion Optimization, A/B testing and Value Proposition Content in 2017


This was a big year for MarketingExperiments. In 2017, our website got a major facelift. Certainly, a much different look than when we first started publishing in 2000.

More importantly, we hope 2017 was a big year for you. And to help you have an even better year in 2018, here is the MarketingExperiments content that was most popular with your peers this past year.

Quick Win Clinics

New in 2017, we launched the Quick Win Clinic video series to help marketers with problems that are easy to solve, but difficult to detect. In every episode, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute (parent research organization of MarketingExperiments), provides conversion optimization suggests on audience-submitted homepages, landing pages, emails, display ads, etc.

Watch one of the Quick Win Clinics to get ideas for improving your marketing messaging.

Or give us the URL of the marketing collateral you would like to have optimized in the series. If yours is chosen, you’ll get specific advice to help improve conversion based on our patented methodology built from what we’ve discovered by testing more than 20,000 sales and marketing paths.

 Specific examples of great value propositions

MarketingExperiments email newsletter subscriber Jennifer wrote to us and said “I’m a big fan of MECLABS and your value proposition work. I’d love to see a story with specific examples of five great value propositions.”

So we published some good …

As well as bad examples …

Get some ideas for creating a powerful value proposition for your brand, products and marketing pieces from the article 6 Good (And 2 Bad) B2B And B2C Value Proposition Examples.

The Prospect’s Perception Gap

Flint McGlaughlin was a featured speaker at MarketingSherpa Summit 2017 (MarketingExperiments’ sister publishing brand).

We shared a free video replay of his full session. Watch now to learn how to bridge the dangerous gap between the results you want and the results you have.

Absolute Difference Versus Relative Difference

A perennial favorite, we published this article back in 2013 but it is still one of our top-trafficked pages, so marketers continue to see value in learning how to understand and communicate their results.

As an example, Kyle Foster used a simple A/B split test for a hypothetical landing page test with some dummy data to interpret.

Read the article about interpreting results to get a basic understanding of how you should report on your A/B tests.

Learn how to become a better, more efficient digital marketer

Lastly, another perennial favorite, the landing page for MECLABS online learning. With our curriculum of online certification courses — value proposition development, landing page optimization, online testing and email messaging — you can learn a patented methodology to increase customer response.

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