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Hi, I completed the MEC Email Certification course a while back. I misplaced the MEC optimization formula. I want to share it with some internal people.  Can you please send me the formula?


Customer Communications Manager
Cleveland, Ohio


Ahhh, yes. You’re probably thinking about the “Optimization Sequence,” which applies to all channels.  See if this looks familiar…

MarketingExperiments Optimization Sequence:

Optimization Sequence… meaning that when approaching an optimization initiative, you should first optimize the product factors of your offer – ensure you have the best product available, for at least one significant, describable customer segment.

Only after doing that should you optimize the presentation factors of your offer – ensure you have the best, most compelling offer value proposition available, for at least one significant, identifiable customer segment.

You do this by applying the relevant conversion heuristic (e.g., for a landing page: C=4m+3v+2(i-f)-2a; for an email offer: eme= rv(of+ i) – (f + a) ).

Only once you have confirmed a reasonable level of optimality of both the product and presentation factors of your offer should you embark on optimizing the channel factors – driving as much profitable demand to your optimized conversion process as you can.

This is done by channel identification, selection and optimization, using techniques such as channel mapping, paid search optimization, SEO, affiliate blueprinting, etc.

All the best,

Bob Kemper
Director of Sciences

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