Landing Page Optimization: 3 tools to help you optimize in 2013


If you’re reading this, then it’s likely the world has not ended on schedule according to the controversial Mayan calendar doomsday prediction. Also, big kudos to you from our staff for stopping by the MarketingExperiments blog on a day debated as the apocalypse.

Since the show must go on, our testing and optimization efforts continue.

And, this whole Mayan kerfuffle is actually a very apt analogy for why testing is so important. Some still follow marketing practices that worked in some ancient marketing plan, and repeat them year after year. Or believe in gloomy marketing superstitions, such as “placing a call-to-action below the fold is the end of conversion as we know it.”

Others prefer a more scientific approach, and run valid tests to discover what really works with their customers.

So today’s MarketingExperiments blog post includes some free post-apocalyptic marketing tools and a few additional resources to help you do just that. Our hope is that these resources aid your testing efforts in the upcoming year.


Value Proposition

Value Proposition Worksheet

If your value proposition resembles any of the following …

  • “We empower your software decisions.”
  • “I don’t sell products and services; I sell results — my guarantee.”
  • “We help people find their passion and purpose.”
  • “We are the leading [insert your service here] provider.”
  • “Get found online.”
  • “This site has what the person is looking to find.”

… Then your value proposition is most likely underperforming and could be significantly improved. After all, value propositions affect everything you do in marketing.

Start building your foundation in value proposition development using the worksheet above, which helps you identify, express and evaluate the strength of your value proposition. Then, ultimately, use it to help guide your tests.

More help with value propositions

Value Proposition Development: 5 insights to help you discover your value prop

Discovering Your Value Proposition: 6 ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace (Web clinic replay)


Landing Page Optimization

Optimization Scenario Tool

Projecting the ROI on your testing and optimization efforts is one of the most valuable pieces of information any marketer can have to get the buy-in needed for more resources. The Optimization Scenario Tool above lets you compare key metrics and results between different landing page optimization scenarios.

More help with landing page optimization       

Optimization 101: How to get real results from A/B testing

Quick Win Clinic (Part I): The 5 easiest changes to make to your landing pages right now (Web clinic replay)

Landing Page Optimization Online Certification Course (watch the first session free at that link)


Online Testing

A/B Testing Template

Marketers looking for help with the A/B split testing process can use the template above to aid test planning and design.

More help with online testing

Online Marketing Tests: A data analyst’s view of balancing risk and reward

What to test (and how) to increase your ROI today (Web clinic replay)

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  1. Daniel Burns says

    It looks like the document you link to for the Optimization Scenario Tool is the same document you link to for the Value Proposition Worksheet. Yeah?

    1. John Tackett says

      Hi Daniel,

      You are correct. The problem has been fixed and you should be able to download the worksheet. Thank you for letting us know.

  2. Mark Kens says

    Thank god we are alive till now as doomsday becomes a history. We have to focus on our marketing strategy for next year (2013). I hope these tools will really help in optimizing our landing pages in 2013.

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