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New research reveals 3 high-performing webpage templates that consistently improve conversion

Often, marketers do not really know where to begin when it comes to the structure of a webpage. They lean on best practices, favoring those they find most aesthetically appealing.

But, is this an effective approach?

In this Web clinic, Jon Powell, Senior Manager of Research and Strategy, MECLABS, revealed three high-performing site templates that consistently increase conversion across multiple industries.

Here are some of the key questions our research findings looked to answer:

  • What should a webpage look like?
  • Should it have a rotating banner?
  • Do I need strong imagery?
  • Should my page flow vertically?
  • Can I use tabs?
  • Do I need columns?
  • Do headers and footers matter?
  • Should I use more video?

Jon also shared how a printing company increased conversion 87% by resequencing the product and process information in the template using principles that can serve as a starting place in determining your optimal page design.

Here is some feedback from the live audience of the Web clinic:

Solid, well-tested concepts for making things better that were clearly presented –Jim

Having copies of the slides in advance so we can underline and add notes –John

Loaded with information, very little time wasting and fluff like most free webinars


Jon Powell

Jon Powell

Video Production and Editing
Dennis Beard
Tara Marotta
Luke Thorpe

Technical Production
Steven Beger
Beth Caudell
Paul Cheney
Melissa Elbert
Erin Hogg
Jessica Lorenz
John Tackett
Christine Risberg

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