Video Research Project Update


We recently conducted our first conference call to introduce the upcoming video research project. The goal of this projec is to answer the questions:

1. How can video be best used to sell a product or service?

2. How can video be used as a way to market virally online?

It is clear that there has been a huge growth online for the ‘amateur’ video producer and consumers, however to date it is not clear what the commercial use of online video is, specifically how marketers can use video cost-effectively.

During the first call, we looked at a short clip that a creative Jerry Bader’s creative firm Jerry Bader, of MRP Web Media put together called “Battle of the Blizzard”, which was a creative approach for building brand awareness for Blizzards.

Jerry expressed that “in the sterile and untrusting environment of the internet today, video can communicate trust and visual validity when promoting a business’s services or products.”

We all agreed. It seems, at least at first glance that video adds an entirely new dimension to web.

Next, we heard from Alan Mathias, marketing executive for NDC Infrared Engineering, which sells high-end industrial control equipment through a sales team and distributor network.

He created this video as a tool for his sales team to use as a way to ‘communicate a consistent message’ to customers. The response was that it is a useful tool, but he has not been able to quantify the impact of the video.

This conversation highlighted the need for qualitative research in this area. We are even more enthusiastic to answer these questions.

If you missed this call, or if you would like to partcipate in this study, please register online:

P.S. To date we have had over 50 applicants for this research. If you are interested in participating, please contact us soon.

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  1. Adriel Brunson says

    “It seems, at least at first glance that video adds an entirely new dimension to web.”

    That is an understatement!

    People these days are not only conditioned to watch video, they are almost compulsive about it.

    It’s difficult to walk by a TV set without paying attention to what’s playing.

    And it’s almost impossible to click off a web page with a video playing without spending time to see what’s happening.

    Online marketers will need to learn how to add video to their tool kit just to keep up with their competition.

    Your study is overdue. We need to know what really works with online video.

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