Don’t discount the popularity of FREE…


In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Lee Gomes describes his search through 2.27 gigabytes of search data from AOL.

According to his research, the single word which appeared most frequently in searches on AOL over the period covered was “free”. The second most popular word was “now”.

It’s curious how some words and short phrases become clichés when over-used, while others, like Free, retain their meaning and punch. It seems that however often we see “Free”, whether on product packaging, TV ads or the web…we still find the word compelling.

However, simply including the word in your headline is not enough to maximize conversions.

Currently we are working on our next webinar…which happens to be free…and the topic is “Optimizing Free Trial Offers”.

We will be sharing test data collected from tests with two of our research partners. In both cases we show how a free offer page can be optimized to deliver far better results, without having to change the offer itself.

In fact, in both cases, conversions were almost doubled simply by making careful changes to the design and copy.

The webinar is being held on Wednesday, August 23rd at 4:00PM EST. You can sign up here.

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