Will the power of video kill text online?


Text has been the backbone of the web since its inception. Moving graphics and fancy animations have done their best to distract visitors’ attention away from the words, but with little success.

However, what about video?

Here’s a passage from a recent article in the Los Angeles Times:

“Text and still pictures give cooks all the information they need to prepare a recipe, for example. But when it comes to showing how to carve a turkey, julienne a carrot or flip a crepe, video rules.

“We are graduating beyond text,” said George Lichter, chief executive of InfoSpace Media Inc., whose how-to website, Answerbag.com, recently began letting users upload explanatory videos. “‘Show me’ is much better than ‘Tell me.’ ”

Could he be right? As with many other media, perhaps the web will move away from being dominated by deep text content and instead become a light-hearted entertainment medium, filled with videos.

If it does, or even moves a little more in that direction, the implications for every aspect of doing business online are enormous.

For instance, are your search engine optimization experts ready for a web where video matters more than text?

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