Does Seasonal Messaging Really Work?

Marketers often try to use seasonal campaigns to send relevant messages to their customers or prospects.

However, seasonal campaigns, if not executed correctly, could have the opposite of the intended relatable effect — leaving your customers feeling confused and your message getting lost in translation.

How can you determine if a seasonal approach is a good fit for your company or product?

In this Web clinic, our research team shared strategies for developing a seasonal campaign and went through a seasonal message experiment that resulted in a 25% difference in clickthrough rate.



Ben Filip
Jon Powell


Ken Bowen
Joey Taravella

Video Production and Editing

Dennis Beard
Brent Knauff
Tara Marotta
Luke Thorpe

Technical Production

Steven Beger
Kayla Cobb
Shelby Dorsey
Jessica Lorenz
Regina Love
Christine Risberg
Joey Taravella



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