Long Copy vs. Short Copy

How discovering the optimal length of a webpage produced a 220% increase in conversion

The question of long copy versus short copy is not new, and there is no shortage of differing opinions.

  • Should webpage copy be as short as possible?
  • Should it be long?
  • Is there an optimal length to a webpage?

To answer these questions, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, walked through a recent experiment from the MECLABS research laboratory in which a few strategic changes to copy length led to a 220% increase in conversion.

Flint also shared some key principles from these discoveries you can use as a framework to aid your copywriting optimization efforts.

What your peers are saying:

I appreciated the specific recommendations to improve the landing page conversion process and how we need to really dig deeper into the thought process of the visitor

If it were a little longer so that Flint didn’t have to race through all his excellent points. A lot to absorb at 90 mph –Norma

Dr. Flint was on fire –Melanie


Flint McGlaughlin

Austin McCraw

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Dennis Beard
Luke Thorpe

Technical Production
Steven Beger
Selena Blue
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Erin Hogg
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