Copywriting Contest: Write the best-performing subject line and win


Subject lines are by far the easiest element of your email marketing to test. Heck, probably the easiest element to test period.

And it’s a good thing too. There’s a lot you can learn about your audience from testing subject lines:

  • What elements of your value proposition are most appealing?
  • Do you have to offer an incentive to get your customers to take even a basic action?
  • If so, which incentive works best?

But here’s another thing about subject line testing … sometimes you just hit a wall. To quote The Barenaked Ladies, sometimes you just feel like, “It’s all been done.”



As a one-man wolf pack — an individual copywriter or marketer writing subject lines — sometimes you simply run out of ways to rearrange a few characters in a small space. At these times, you need to reach out and get fresh, outside test ideas to push the envelope:

  • Designers
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Your marketing peers within (and outside) your company
  • Your audience

This is why we’re turning to you today. We’ve written a lot (and I mean a lot) of subject lines, and are looking for a truly fresh perspective for an upcoming marketing send about Optimization Summit 2012 in Denver.

And we’ll make it worth your while. The winning subject line in our test will receive a free ticket to Optimization Summit 2012 plus a free MarketingExperiments Landing Page Optimization Online Course. That’s a $1,900 value.



Simply submit the subject line you think will receive the most clickthroughs (our KPI is CTR, not open rate). The research question for this test is, “Which subject line will produce the highest clickthrough rate?”

The only variable in this test will be the subject line. The email copy, offer and everything else will stay exactly the same, so this is a single-factor test. You can read the email below …


Subject Line: [Hey, you tell us]

Dear Marketer,

Once visitors reach your landing pages, do they have a clear understanding of what they should do next? Only through testing will you know for sure. Whether it’s to get more information, download a white paper, or register for an event, it should be very clear to your audience what the next step should be.

The challenge isn’t testing. The challenge is discovering what changes to test.

Join us for Optimization Summit 2012, where our industry experts will teach you how and what to test. Over the course of four days, you’ll discover exactly what you need to change on your key landing pages from your e-commerce, subscription or lead-gen paths.

We’ve assembled a team of industry experts that can help you with your unique set of circumstances. Although the general sessions and pre-Summit workshop will be very informative, there is nothing quite like advice that is tailored to your specific situation. That’s where our one-to-one coaching clinics come in. This is your chance to get one-to-one advice on:

  • Metric and Analytics Setup
  • Test Validity
  • Value Proposition
  • Metric and Analytics Interpretation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Test Setup

Click here to watch a short video clip highlighting Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, one of our keynote speakers, discussing how you can optimize your landing pages for maximum conversion.

Our goal is for every one of our attendees to leave the Summit armed with great ideas and answers to their most pressing optimization questions.

Looking for more information? Visit the Optimization Summit 2012 website to get more information on the agenda, location and reasons to attend.


Early Bird Special Ends April 30: Reserve your ticket and save $300.

We look forward to seeing you and your peers in Denver.


Todd Lebo
Senior Director of Content & Business Development

P.S. Interested in bringing your entire team? Groups of three or more can save 25% off the cost of their tickets.



Nathan Thompson, Senior Research Manager, MECLABS will pick the three subject lines he thinks will earn the highest clickthrough rate based on his extensive testing experience. At the same time, Brian Clark and Sonia Simone of Copyblogger (two folks who know a thing or two about copywriting) will pick their three favorite submissions from their audience to include as treatments in the test, as well.

But the ultimate judge will be the customer. Whichever selected subject line receives the most customer response will win.

And, even if you don’t win, you can show the world your mad persuasive copy skills by using the comments section below.

So just submit your subject line in the comments section by Wednesday, March 28, at midnight Eastern Daylight Time. Good luck. And may the best subject line win.

[Note: Submitting a comment with a subject line on this blog post constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of this contest.]


To answer two questions we received…

The CTR we’re measuring is “unique clicks divided by the number of emails delivered.” If we just measured opens, we could get an email with a great open rate and little CTR beacause it has an enticing (and misleading) subject line that has nothing to do with the email copy. For example, a subject line like “Tim Tebow makes a Kony 2012 protest message on Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch” might get great open rate, but have little CTR.

Also, there is no restriction on length. Write whatever subject line you think will perform best.

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Of course, you’re still welcome to comment. 

You can see the results of this contest at …  Subject Line Test: 125% more unique clickthroughs

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  14. Sanem Ozkan says

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  15. Sherrie Mersdorf says

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  16. P Davis says

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  17. Tim Helfrey says

    I like short subject lines for example:



    Quick question?

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    Subject Line: “Find out HOW and WHAT to test from the experts at Optimization Summit”

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  35. Michelle West says

    My best subject line has always been ….. about Saturday ….. with a pretty girl’s name in the “from” — and of course …. about New Year’s Eve ….. at that time of the year. That tricks a lot of people into opening the email, and then you have to depend on your site to make them want to stay and check it out.

  36. Kim Moeller says

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  46. Kim Moeller says

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  47. Insurance Leads Guy says

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  48. Guy Colangelo says

    @Michelle West They’re looking for CTR not Open Rate so a subject line that tricks the person into opening but pisses them off will not produce a good CTR. I always like to imply that we are giving something and then keep in on topic so they continue with the email and click.

  49. Abigail Anne says

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  50. Mark says

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  51. Irene C says

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  68. Greg Gregory says

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  69. Dave Lindenbaum says

    Optimize Your Landing Page(s) For Maximum Conversion. – [Video Case Study]

    Based on the following criteria:
    1. “Optimize” Clear action verb in front (ie GET PAID… to take free surveys). Originally was going to say “Discover How To… Optimize”, but decided to get rid of this based on 2 criteria…
    a) Let’s cut to the chase and define what people really want and that is not to discover but to optimize. Also the headline is long enough so this saves some room.
    b) I am guessing most people who sign up for your list also sign up for a ton of other lists and what separates and emphasize the Marketing Experiments (at least one of the things), is that you guys down play the hype and emphasize the science. So my logic is that if the reader is receiving 10 other emails on the day they receive yours that are all about marketing and the other guys use the words “Discover, Learn, Finally, The Secret, etc” This one will stand out.

    2. “Your Landing Page(s) For Maximum Conversion”, used for the following 3 reasons:
    a) pretty much swiped from the copy intentionally, as the headline is directly related to the copy and even more specifically since this contest is fro CTR it is used within one of your call to actions… ie “Click here to watch a short video clip highlighting Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, one of our keynote speakers, discussing how you can optimize your landing pages for maximum conversion.” Naturally the eye pattern will skim an email and be more drawn to the video picture and blue color hyperlinks (as well as the bold and bullet points). So if they see the call to action “Click here to watch….” and then see the headline call to action it should reinforce the desire to click thru
    b) I used Page(s) to read the widest variety of people to click thru… (s) makes it a tad more intriguing so some people will click just to see that. Still others who only have one landing page (or at least think they do, even though your readers have learned from Marketing Experiments that every page should be looked at as a landing page)… seeing pages might add some friction. Also for people who own several sites seeing “page(s)” might have them think of a specific landing page, but on multiple sites.
    c) I kept Maximum Conversion, instead of adding a number (ie by 40%) b/c I did not see this in the copy and we want a common thread. I also kept Conversion instead of Profit, Sign Ups, etc b/c every site (and more specifically, every landing page), have different goals, BUT all can benefit from Maximum Conversion.

    3. [Video Case Study]. 3 reasons on the tag as well
    a) usually people perceive video as higher value and might be worth a click to get to the email.. which then shows both a visual pic of a video as well as a call to action to watch a video.
    b) I used Case Study, which may be a stretch, but is clearly justified as i watched the video and it does mention scientific approaches AND right under the video it mentions 1,000 case studies. When I think of case study (especially as a guy who gets so many BS marketing hyped emails), I am intrigued.
    c) [tag text] – I used Brackets to tag the email, as I have tested on my own list and found in general it increases open rates… though this can be abused if you do this on every email, I have not seen it so much, or at all in my marketing experiments emails.

    Hope this helps guys! You should know that this headline was created based on YOUR teachings and experiments thru the years, which I am so grateful for.


  70. Max Minzer says

    How To Radically Improve Your Optimization Methods In 4 Days

  71. Michael Ramos says

    Subject Line: Optimization questions. Where are the answers?

    On a side note it is amazing how many of you use EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!! in your subject lines. In the 3rd grade the teacher said DON’T use them unless you are YELLING!!!!

    Ramos shouted, “Stop using exclamation marks!”

  72. Hayden Jackson says

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  97. Michael Ramos says

    @Michelle West Send me the money wasted on sending untargeted emails.

    These people depend on us to give them what they asked for. Why on earth would Marketing Experiments, or anyone for that matter, want to skew their numbers by some spam trickery not related to the subject matter.

    Further more, try explaining to your clients why the open rate was high, but the CTR and conversion was low, unsubscribes went up, and most of the delivered ended up in spam folders. If I had to explain that my trickery pissed off the reads and spam filters, and their mission statement, of providing the highest customer service, was compromised I would just change jobs. I wouldn’t be working in this industry anymore.

    All I am saying is play by the rules.(But you can send the money if you want to continue to waste)

  98. Valerie Ashe says

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  111. Tom says

    By the way, that should actually read: , You’ll Want to Read This…

  112. Sherice Jacob says

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  113. Tom says

    Ugh…. the part right before the comma should be the recipient’s first name.

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  128. DB says

    How do I submit my entry without having everyone see it before the voting starts?

    People will recognize how great my subject line is, and then build on it. And then I won’t win beucause i won’t have time to revise and continue competing. I will be travelling at the deadline!

    1. Paul Cheney says

      I’m sorry DB. Unfortunately, you’re in the same boat as everyone else. I’ve been reading almost every comment so far, however, and there seems to be no copy-cats as of yet. Perhaps you could risk it?

  129. Rick Hair says

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  130. DB says

    And there is no spelllchecker on this site and I had no timew to edit. I’m late for a meeting!

  131. Eliz says

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  135. Otis Maxwell says

    The counter says there are 123 comments as of now but only 50 are showing up. How can we see the rest?

    (This is NOT an entry. I’ll be back with that!

  136. chaz says

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  137. Kim Moeller says

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  138. Salvatore McDonagh says

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    Note: the one simple thing of course being registering for the conference 🙂

  148. DB says

    @Paul Cheney

    Paul, there is a reason that no one has used any of the earlier submissions.

    The offerings so far have not been worthy of being copied!

    Maybe you guys are good at optimization but not forecasting?

    1. Paul Cheney says


  149. Lee says

    An opportunity for you and your competitors

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    Optimization Summit 2012 – Can you afford to miss out?

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  164. Patty J says

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  165. David Rankine says

    Subject Line Submission:

    did you drop the ball?

    The relationship of the subject line to the content of the email is:
    You have dropped the ball by not learning to professionally optimize your landing pages and you now have an opportunity to rectify that situation by coming to an optimization clinic.

    We have tested a variation of this subject line which is <Contact First Name did we drop the ball?" to send to prospects who have stopped responding to our calls and emails and it gets a 40% response rate. I assume the reason it works so well is because it makes the reader think they are receiving an email from someone who has a working relationship with them and they have somehow let them down. I will leave the reasoning as to why it works to you guys because you are the experts but it sure does work.

  166. Gary Kline says

    Don’t let future customers slip away – learn to optimize your website and bring in more sales.

  167. David Rankine says

    When I submitted the subject line it read

    Contact First Name did you drop the ball? but the Contact First Name was removed when my comment was posted. It needs to includ the contact first name to be effective

  168. Geordie Romer says

    (receipient’s name) is 2012 the year you get serious about Conversion Optimization?

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  171. Rob Manuel says

    A priest, a rabbi and a MECLABS LPO expert walk into a bar in Denver …

  172. Kelly says

    LOL, I think the folks at Marketing Experiments got it by using “Win $1,900 worth of marketing training” and making us all this offer. In less than 3 hours they’ve had who knows how many click throughs and thoughtful readers and 158 people actively engage in their promotion (and running). That ain’t shabby. Plus, they are not only fueling thoughtful interaction from the online community and continuing to position themselves as experts in the industry, but cleverly getting the word out to all of us about the Optimization Summit 2012 by having us read every word of an email we may have otherwise skipped over. Nicely done Marketing Experiments. I say this is a campaign well executed.

  173. Pat P says

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  176. Elizabeth Ciccolo says

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  180. Rob Manuel says

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  181. Scott Turner says

    …if Thomas Edison created subject lines

  182. CJ Jordan says

    Pick Expert Brains. Get a Better Website.

  183. Dan Kelly says

    “Re: problem with your website”

    “your website sucks!”

    “Re: have you seen this?”

    Question for the judges… What are you counting as a “response”? An open? A click-through? Or, a ticket sale?

  184. Robert Spears says

    This event could be better – it just needs you

  185. Nate C Murray says

    Optimization Summit 2012 starts on June 11th. Reserve your seat now or find yourself inferior when your competition does.

  186. Judi Parks says

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  187. Tom Egelhoff says

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  188. Lisa says

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  191. Andre says

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  192. Xan Spencer says

    It needs to be a series of 4 emails, with 1 email each day. Especially since you are offering a Early Bird (Sale) pricing. This will give you huge open rates…

    Day #1 Subject: [fname] – THANK YOU!
    **The email needs to say this towards the beginning: I’m holding this special Early Bird sale as a way to say THANK YOU to all the people who read this optimization newsletter 🙂
    **Also, be sure to mention the day and date this special ends.

    Day #2 Subject: [fname] don’t miss out
    **I wrote yesterday to tell you about the incredible deal you can get for the 2012 Optimization Summit , as my way of
    saying “THANK YOU” for reading my newsletter….And I wanted to make sure that
    you were able to read the email. etc…
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  373. Maria Spinola says

    Marketing Optimization: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

  374. Maria Spinola says

    SUBJECT LINE #1: “Marketing Optimization: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do”

    Reason why (of this subject line):
    1.Marketing Optimization: Selects the audience and the subject covered (we are measuring CTR, not open rate)
    2.When You Don’t Know What To Do: Marketing Optimization is not easy!
    3.What To Do: Promises very useful information

  375. Maria Spinola says

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    Reason why (of this subject line):
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    2) Why: Promises an answer.

  376. Maria Spinola says

    SUBJECT LINE: What happens when marketing optimization is done badly?

    Reason why (of this subject line):
    – If I’m the right audience, this headline will make me wonder: “Am I guilty (maybe, without realising) of the consequences (that I need to find out) of bad optimization tests?”

  377. Niall Mackenzie says

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  378. Niall Mackenzie says

    Optimization Summit 2012 – Maximise Your Leads & Profits [1min 42sec video]

  379. Maria Spinola says


    SUBJECT LINE: The optimization summit where you will, truly, solve your most pressing questions

    Reason why (of this subject line):
    1) The optimization summit: Direct
    2) where you will, truly, solve: the big benefit of this summit… and some credibility (truly)
    3) your most pressing questions: the big audience problem(s)

  380. Cathy says

    This subject line is a test. (Find out if it should be.)

  381. Maria Spinola says


    SUBJECT LINE: The Cold, Hard Truth About Marketing Optimization

    Reason why (of this subject line):
    1.The Cold, Hard Truth About: Curiosity: “I have to know”. Believe: “Someone is about to tell the true”. Beside that, it’s align with the email (including the lead).
    2.Marketing Optimization: select the audience

  382. Susan B says

    [FirstName] – are you going to be there? Please RSVP

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  384. Maria Spinola says


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  385. Guy Cunningham says

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  386. Rob Piilonen says

    Get One-to-One Advice and Get Optimized

    Also, this email seems to go against one of the main points I hear here often – the email is supposed to generate clicks, not sell the product. I’d expect to see a shorter, punchier email with less click options (maybe sell the video and have it on the landing page).

  387. Susan B says

    Are you available June 11-14?

  388. Chris Olive says

    Here are a few options;
    1) Question everything
    2) How to test everything
    3) Better design, better results
    4) What are your peers testing?

  389. l kovel says

    The pros secrets to creating winning click throughs.

  390. Maria Spinola says


    SUBJECT LINE: All the effort and resources you invest in testing and optimization gets you to where you want to go?

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    1.All the effort and resources you invest in testing and optimization: Huge investement…
    2.gets you to where you want to go?: …but, maybe, the results are wimpy!
    3.This headline acknowledges what the audience already knows and feel, and leave the promise of help one-to-one (as is the case of this summit)

  391. Maria Spinola says


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    2) Time to Change!: call-to-action

    Note: “Time to Change!” can be optional. We need to test it.

  392. Tim Watson says

    Optimization Summit 2012 free video preview + $300 saving before 30th April.


    The people getting this email have already had several about the summit.
    They are probably aware of the summit and the summit focus.
    The subject line has to offer something new about the summit.
    The subject line offer is to get the open rather than sell the ticket.

  393. Jeremy Barham says

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  394. Beth says

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  402. Steven Saint-George says

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  403. ANUJ says

    Sub: Turn Clicks to Clients @ Optimization Summit 2012

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    Get armed in Denver for killer conversion rates

  405. Cheryl Ayres says

    So – who won?

  406. Daniel Burstein says

    Thanks for asking. We had 897 entries, so our research team, and the Copyblogger team, are currently culling through them.

    We will then run the tests, decipher the results, and share them with the MarketingExperiments audience. Stay tuned. 🙂

  407. Brett Farmiloe says

    What a great campaign to engage potential attendees and draw attention to the summit. Well executed.

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