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The 3 key banner objectives that drove a 285% lift


When executed correctly, banner ads can be a powerful way to drive traffic to your offers. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t have the time and resources to devote to “correctly executing” banner ad campaigns.

What they need is a formula for designing banner ads that produce results.

In a recent test, our researchers found that by designing a banner ad to accomplish three key objectives, they were able to drive a 285% increase in conversion on the landing page.

What’s even more fascinating about the test is that the winning banner actually received less clicks than the competing treatments.

Essentially, the winning banner weeded out unqualified clicks by matching the messaging on the landing page.

In this Web clinic replay on banner ad design (originally held on August 31, 2011), Dr. Flint McGlaughlin taught about this discovery in detail, along with the three key objectives every banner ad must accomplish to drive maximum conversion. In doing so, he also taught the (until now) unpublished heuristic – or problem-solving thought tool – we use to optimize banner ads.

Live Optimization of Audience Banners

In addition to the regular instruction, Dr. McGlaughlin and our researchers gave live optimization suggestions for audience-submitted banners and banner campaigns at the end of the clinic.

Here are what some of the audience members had to say about the Web clinic:

Very clear, easy to understand. Also, very lively…–Alina

There were actual tactics we could implement instead of generic suggestions.–Melinda

Would have liked to see a lot more examples and critiques in this session.–Shelly

Would enjoy a follow up clinic with more before and after examples.–Sally

Download a full transcript of this Web clinic:

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View the clinic replay, or listen to the audio recording (.mp3), to learn from our researchers as they discuss how to write copy with a step-by-step framework.

Webinar Video 2011-08-03
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Listen to an audio replay of the presentation:



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Austin McCraw

Technical Production
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Steven Beger
Jessica McGraw
Austin McCraw

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