Optimizing PPC Campaigns

Simple copy changes that increased clickthrough rate by 289% (and more)

A PPC ad is often a customer’s first impression of your product or company. Those 130 characters present your chance of channeling that person’s interest into your sales funnel by transforming an individual challenge into a problem-solving dialogue.

But simple copy faux pas direct people away from continuing the conversation with you. How can you identify weaknesses in PPC copy?

In this Web clinic, the MECLABS research team shared two key principles from a real-world experiment where one company achieved a 289% increase in clickthrough rate by testing simple copy changes to learn what language best resonated with the customer.

The team also provided a PPC copywriting checklist you can use to help develop and test your own ads.



Taylor Kennedy
Austin McCraw
Jon Powell


Austin McCraw
Josh Wilson

Video Production and Editing

Dennis Beard
Tara Marotta
Luke Thorpe

Technical Production

Steven Beger
Kayla Cobb
Erin Hogg
Jessica Lorenz
Regina Love
Christine Risberg



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