Is it worth spending money on the smaller PPC engines?


We published a brief on this topic back in 2004 and decided it was time to run a new series of tests to find out what kind of ROI you can expect to achieve with the smaller PPC engines. That is to say, not Google, Yahoo Search Marketing or MSN.

We felt that with increasing competition for top keywords in the major engines, there might be some new opportunities available through their smaller competitors.

We tested seven different engines with four different research partners and generated some very interesting, and surprising data.

If you would like to know exactly what we discovered, sign up for our September 6th webinar on Small PPC Engines Revised. As always, there is no charge.

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  1. salesstrategy says

    Google and Overture dominate the market, I think the smaller PPC engine have lower conversion rates as compare to others big PPC program.

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