Do your readers trust you?


A recent article in BrandWeek goes over some research from Jupiter Research in which the data suggests that people have a very low level of trust in information they find in blogs, forums and social networks.

This comes as something of a surprise, as many marketers believe that blogs and forums at least are more credible than corporate web sites.

Not so, according to this research.

The figures are interesting, but in a way they miss the point.

What is important is not the channel…whether it be a site, a blog, a forum or a page on MySpace.

What is important is your credibility and reputation. We have written extensively about this under the topic of Transparent Marketing.

And as we see an increase in advertising in blogs, forums and social networks – as well as on web sites – the issue of trust and credibility will become increasingly important.

In the rush to “be there” and “be seen”, too many marketers forget that trust is something that is built up over time. And it builds only if you are honest and transparent with your readers.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter about the channel through which you present your message. Every and any channel will work, so long as your reputation for honesty precedes you.

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  1. Lucy Bostock says

    I found both this blog post and your transparant marketing article very interesting and the subjects relate to a trial/ marketing experiment being carried out at the company I work for

    The prevalence of the internet has certainly made it alot easier and practical for company’s to practise transaprant marketing. Blogs, news groups and chat forums are great examples of what I suppose we call ‘open source marketing!’

    This new form of marketing includes listening to your clients and prospects, and acting on the issues they raise. This form of marketing surely flaws the old school theory that company’s can go on as the sole owner and controller of the brands – co-creation is the way forward!

    Lucy Bostock

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