Paid Search Marketing: A/B split test produces 144% increase in total leads


Testing and optimizing elements of your PPC ad campaigns can significantly increase conversion when done strategically.

So, in today’s MarketingExperiments blog post, we’re going to look at how the MECLABS Research team used paid search keywords strategically placed on a landing page to achieve a 144% increase in total leads.

First, let’s take a quick look at the research notes on the experiment …

Background: Provides end-to-end market solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

Goal: Increase the email capture rate of an online form

Primary Research Question: Which page will obtain the most form submissions?

Approach: A/B split test




A problem the team identified in the control was the landing page utilized a general headline that did not reference the keyword used in the PPC ad.




For the treatment, the team hypothesized a simple integration of the keyword utilized in the PPC ad would make a deeper connection between the expectations created by the PPC ad and expectations for the landing page in the mind of a user.



What you need to know

By strategically placing keywords from the PPC ad into the headline of the landing page, the treatment produced 144% more leads.

To learn more about how this experiment was part of a testing series that ultimately produced a compounded gain of 603%, and  for the three most important factors of PPC campaign optimization, you can watch the free Web clinic replay of “Converting PPC Traffic: How strategic keyword placement increased conversion 144%.”


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  1. Mikael Rieck says

    I really “hate” these cases. Makes me wonder how much money I am loosing every minute for not having the best possible converting website :o)

    Impressive results. Really!


  2. Mike says

    A/B Split Test is one of the effective tools in for PPC Ads. It could certainly turn the sides in advertiser’s side. But we need to give some time for the A/B Split Test to succeed. Else all our money would be wasted.

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