Do you have your marketing plans in place for the end-of-year retail season?


We are working right now on our next free teleconference call, scheduled for August 9th at 4:00PM EST.

We’ll be presenting a merchandising calendar for the last five months of this year, with particular emphasis on the last eight weeks before Christmas.

In preparing the calendar, we asked ourselves just how well prepared online merchants are when it comes to the major retail buying season later in the year.

– While every online retailer knows that the eight weeks before Christmas is the busiest buying period of the year, are they truly prepared…right down to individual product promotions?

– Are fast growing companies certain that their technologies and platform are ready to handle the holiday spike in sales?

– Will they have sufficient customer service people trained and ready to serve by the time the first backorder or product availability problem occurs?

– Are marketing groups preparing promotions and PPC campaigns to make the most of this essential time of the year?

Our own research indicates that while a handful of online retailers have become quite sophisticated at merchandising for the holidays, many other companies have yet to put in place a marketing blueprint and merchandising calendar specifically designed for this perennial opportunity.

In this brief we will help you to develop such a blueprint and calendar, customized to your specific industry and target markets, and prepare you for what should be your most profitable period of the year.

If this topic interests you, please sign up for the MEC Merchandising Calendar for the Fall and Holiday Season 2006 webinar.

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