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As part of our research, we have prepared a review of the best Internet resources on this topic. This comprehensive study represents many hours of labor. Perhaps it will help you as you consider your strategy.

Rating System

These sites were rated for usefulness and clarity, but alas,

the rating is purely subjective.

* = Decent ** = Good *** = Excellent **** = Indispensable

Pop-Up Ads, Part 1: Good? Bad? Ugly? ***

“If domination of newspaper headlines, industry studies, consumer polls, and market reports is any indication, it’s safe to say pop-up ads are the most contentious online advertising format yet. Any wonder they’re getting so much attention? Most reports say consumers downright despise these “intrusive” and “annoying” messages.”

Pop-Up Ads, Part 2: Usage Guidelines for Legitimate Marketers ***

“In part one of my look at pop-up advertising, I noted some of the many issues that have marketers questioning how this format can be successfully incorporated into their online campaigns. Through research and testing, media buyers have developed some solid theories, which can be summarized in a few basic rules. How you choose to apply them is up to you.”

When Is a Pop-Up Not a Pop-Up? ***

“With all the public ire now aimed at pop-ups, it seems everyone in the Internet business is rushing to distance themselves from the formats. First iVillage said it would eliminate third-party pop-ups. (Isn’t it interesting how nothing’s said about house ads? Even more interesting is how I still see third-party pop-ups on the site.) Then, AOL followed suit, vowing to eliminate third-party pop-ups on its service. ISP EarthLink even ran a TV ad campaign aiming to demonstrate its superiority by touting its distribution of pop-up blocking software to users.”

Managing JavaScript Pop-Up Windows ***

A helpful article on using JavaScript to manage pop-up windows once they are open.

JavaScript Coder: Pop-Up Windows ***

Another great guide to creating pop-up windows using JavaScript.

HotScripts: Tips and Tutorials ***

More than 100 tips and tutorials on programming in JavaScript.

Are ROS Banners the Next Pop-Ups? **

“Where Web properties were once willing to accept most every ad placement and bend nearly every rule to satisfy advertisers and capture those coveted marketing dollars. Now they are starting to run a much tighter ship — and not just when it comes to pop-up advertising. The latest Web property to amend its ad offerings is Ask Jeeves Inc., which has not only dropped pop-ups but has also removed all run-of-site (ROS) banners from”

Pop-Up Warfare: Is Peace Possible? **

“Why the mass interest? As advertisers, publishers, and users continue to butt heads on pop-ups and whether this “intrusive” format exceeds what users are willing to tolerate in exchange for free online content, the users remain on the defensive. Many feel under attack. They think advertisers employing pop-ups have no respect for their personal virtual space.”

How to Design a Pop-Up to Boost Opt-Ins **

This article outlines the seven essential steps you should take in the design of a successful pop-up.

JavaScript for Beginners **

“Learn the basics of JavaScript programming through these interactive examples.” Also features a JavaScript discussion forum.

Netcode **

Presents HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and general web building tutorials, JavaScript code snippets, and webmaster resources.

Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference ***

“This book is an indispensable compendium for Web content developers. It contains everything you need to create functional cross-platform Web applications, including: A complete reference for all of the HTML tags, CSS style attributes, browser document objects, and JavaScript objects supported by the various standards and the latest versions of Navigator and Internet Explorer.”

JavaScript Definitive Guide ***

“Provides a rapid and thorough exposition of the JavaScript programming language, as well as an in-depth reference section covering each JavaScript function, object, method, and event handler. Experienced programmers will quickly find the information they need to start writing JavaScript programs.”

Beginning JavaScript **

“Suitable for learning basic programming for Web browsers, Beginning JavaScript is a patient, introductory tutorial on writing scripts successfully. It teaches you how to create client-side scripts (including full coverage of fundamentals like variables and flow control, plus plenty of screen shots).”

How to Do Everything with JavaScript **

“Provides a comfortable, friendly platform for any level programmer who wants to maximize JavaScript. Features solid coverage of versions 1.0 and 2.0. Softcover.” ****

A large directory free JavaScript menus, pop-ups, and DHTML navigation for your website.

JavaScript Alerts and Prompts ***

11 JavaScript scripts for a variety of pop-up styles and solutions. JavaScripts ***

A large collection of free and fee-based JavaScript, including 23 email scripts, 94 forms, 96 windows and frames, 28 alerts and props, and more. **

Free cut/paste JavaScript codes, a JavaScript code generator, and more.

Scriptomizers ***

A number of helpful JavaScript resources, including a pop-up window generator.

JavaScript Popup Window Generator ***

“Use this JavaScript wizard to instantly create, customize, and add Pop Up windows to your site! For the uninitiated, a popup refers to a secondary, usually smaller window that loads on top of the main window, and contains a separate HTML document inside of it. To create your own popup, just follow the three simple steps below, and grab the generated code. It’s that simple!”

JavaScript Source: Pop-Up Window Maker ***

“Don’t worry any more about editing the code by hand, use our code generator! Fill out the specifications of the popup window you would like to use, including the URL and the various options such as menubars, toolbars, scrollbars, etc, and click the generate button. Just add this generated code to your site, or even have us mail it to you!” **

These free pop-ups are a flexible way to keep your website visitors informed and up to date. You can update the pop-ups at any time using a web browser. You can customize the window to match your site, but they do include an advertisement at the bottom of the window.

JavaScript Pop-Up Window Tool **

“Use this tool to create a custom JavaScript pop-up window. You can select which features should be included, scroll bars, status bar, etc, as well as the position of the popup window.”

DHTML Pop-Up 1.0 **

” No plain Windows pop-up, this tool will allow you to easily create DHTML/JavaScript pop-ups that can be personalized to fit in with your web site design. Customize every aspect of the pop-up and use your own color scheme. Give your pages a more interactive feel. Create pop-up forms, pop-up help boxes, pop-up messages, and make large images pop up from thumbnails. Use Internet Explorer transition effects such as fading in and out.” $25 with a free trial version available.

Pop-Up Master Pro 2.0 **

Feature-rich pop-up generator software for $67.

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