Email Marketing: What’s the biggest buzz at MarketingSherpa Em@il Summit ’10?


Right now, 650 of the lead email marketing practitioners and thought leaders are gathered in Miami for MarketingSherpa’s Ema@il Summit ’10. To get the inside scoop on the biggest buzz from the event, we pulled MarketingSherpa President Bob Lorum out of one of the sessions to get his real-time insights.

As Bob said, there is an emphasis on strategy versus just tactical implementation across the board. And email integration with social media and other mediums is becoming more relevant and important.

In his keynote presentation, Joseph Jaffe commented that “retention is the new acquisition.” Organization will be more successful if they use email and other mediums to retain existing customers.

There is clearly a consensus that email is on the rise and becoming an even more important part of an organization’s marketing arsenal. Of course, creating email campaigns that truly drive revenue in such a crowded market is easier said than done. That’s why MarketingExperiments launched a new, focused research offering at Em@il Summit ’10 to help you address your unique challenges and opportunities.

Since our lab can’t meet the demand of marketers seeking intensive Research Partnerships, we have started a program to create custom Email Response Optimization Packages that will allow more marketers to leverage our scientific email campaign optimization strategies. These Packages can help you connect the dots between our research into “discovering what really works” and finding specific ways to make those discoveries really work in your organization.

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