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How overcoming 3 common errors increased clickthrough 104%


Most email messages, even semi-important ones without sales pitches, get deleted without even being read, every day. What happens when your ideal prospect receives yours? Do they even stop to notice? Or do they file it away in the special destination reserved for every hype-laden, sales-driven message they receive – the crowded “Trash”

And what about your competitors?

According to the MarketingSherpa 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 31% of marketers have seen a measurable increase in clickthrough rates (and only 14% have seen a measurable decrease).

This means, by and large, that your competitors are getting better at gaining the attention of your prospects. So, how do you pique the interest of your prospect in their inbox, and overtake the competition at the same time?

It comes down to effective messaging, from subject line to call-to-action, based on tipping the value exchange into positive territory.

In this Web clinic replay, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, taught the three common errors that our research has identified as damaging to conversion. He also taught a methodology to help you determine if you are making these errors, and how you can overcome them if you are.

During the Web clinic, Dr. McGlaughlin shared a case study from our labs, showing how we fine-tuned an email offer, making relatively small and easy changes to overcome these common mistakes and driving a three-digit increase in clickthroughs as a result.

***PLUS Live Optimization***

To help you apply these lessons to your own email campaigns, our team also offered live optimization and test suggestions for real emails submitted by your peers.

Here are what some of the audience members had to say about the Web clinic:

I liked the ratio of theory and real world examples in this webinar–Mallory

We are in the process of revamping our email strategy and this clinic helped to support some of our thoughts as well as introducing new ideas to consider.–Blake

Marketing can get lost in the details of emails but what I found very valuable was the bigger picture of thought and strategy.–Craig

Changed my ideas about how to present value first, headline must lead reader to first paragraph, then micro-build email to CTA. Really streamlined the process.–Renee

Download a full transcript of this Web clinic:

Email Messaging

View the clinic replay, or listen to the audio recording (mp3), to learn from our researchers as they discuss how to create effective email messaging.


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