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We track 1600 names to test the quality of subscribers added through an opt-in list building campaign



Test Number: #100501-EZ

Word Count: 3100+

Focus: 14 Questions

  1. Why do so many marketers publish an ezine?
  2. How does the List Builder Program work?
  3. How fast can you expect the The List Builder Program to generate subscribers?
  4. What type of ezine works best with the List Builder Program?
  5. How much does the List Builder Program cost?
  6. What was the unsubscribe ratio for the List Builder Program?
  7. What was the undeliverable ratio for the List Builder Program?
  8. What was the percentage of secondary, free email addresses for the List Builder Program?
  9. What was the percentage of AOL addresses for the List Builder Program?
  10. How do you write effective copy for the List Builder Program? (See 18 samples, find out what works best.)
  11. What was the conversion ratio for the List Builder Program? (We track these new subscribers for 70 days to learn how many actually purchased our product.)
  12. How profitable was the List Builder Program?

(Also, view our rolodex of 36 co-registration providers)


  1. Writer – Flint McGlaughlin
  2. HTML Designer – Cliff Rainer

060501-AWA – We study 600 awards sites to select and test the top performers.

Can you attract traffic by winning recognition? What does it take to win? How do you prepare your site? What is the easiest way to submit?

Editor’s Note: We are still working on this test. We will publish the results just as soon as feel that we have conclusive data.

Test Summary

We ran an extensive list building campaign and then analyzed the new subscribers to determine the unsubscribe ratio, the undeliverables, the address quality, the conversion ratio, and the profitability of the list.

Test Product

1600 subscribers gleaned through a single opt-in list-builder campaign

Test Costs

  • Data Analysis (Labor) = $3000
  • Service Fees (comped) = $400

What if you could press a magic button and automatically add 5000 qualified subscribers to your ezine? What if you could accomplish this feat WITHOUT SPAM and for less than $1000?

Ladies and Gentlemen… distinguished members of the marketing community, we present: Profit Info’s Opt-In List Builder, self-described as “your secret weapon to building a massive opt in email list”. (*1)

But does it really work?

Researchers at the Marketing Experiments Journal, set out to test this online service. And for good reason… as the Internet matures, many of the traditional methods for generating new subscribers are producing diminishing returns.

If you have any doubts, read our recent report:

Ezine Promotion – We test 36 directories announcement lists, and review sites.

In that experiment, 68% of our submissions failed to get listings. And after analyzing our expenses, we determined that our true cost per subscriber was a dismal $5.

So it was not without some anticipation (and a bout of shell-shocked skepticism) that we began to test a new program offered by Profit Info.

We will share our results in a moment, but first it seems appropriate to remind our readers that publishing an ezine should not be relegated to those few adventurous scribes with digital ambitions.

It is also a powerful tool for consultants, and even (especially) retailers.

Why do so many marketers publish an ezine?

Marketing experts generally agree that one of the most powerful ways to attract web traffic is to develop an ezine. An ezine can provide a steady stream of rich content and thus a number of benefits:

  • A higher ratio of page views, as visitors spend longer time at your site
  • Improved search rankings, as your archives are more appealing to the “all knowing” spider/bot
  • An ongoing dialog with customers and prospects, as they receive consistent communication from your site
  • A powerful way to glean contact information from prospects, as they encounter a genuine incentive to leave their address
  • The opportunity to repeat your offering, as you can continue to present it in subsequent mail-outs
  • A mechanism for selling ancillary products, as you may (honestly) discuss their merits in your editorial
  • The possibility of repackaging your content, as you offer it via subscriptions, ebooks, reports, CDs. etc.
  • Increased traffic, as you experience a surge immediately following the delivery of each issue.

How does the List Builder Program work?

So let’s assume you have (or will soon have) your own ezine. Is the List Builder Program a viable method for growing your list? How does it work?

Here is a quick overview of the system:

  1. You select the number of subscribers that you wish to purchase.
  2. You submit a 15-word ad for your publication.
  3. You indicate how you would like your subscribers to be added: either by email, or by a web form on your site.
  4. List Builder posts the ad on their network of sites. Two of their largest are Freedback.com and Responsematic.com.
  5. Visitors to those sites are offered a free subscription to your ezine (and others).
  6. List Builder, depending upon your preference, sends you the email address of each new subscriber, or sends you a report that lists all of the new subscribers.

Here are some important observations:

  1. List Builder does NOT incentive the subscriber to sign up for your ezine. There are no giveaways, or sweepstakes.
  2. At the time of this writing, there are 18 ezines being offered on the Freedback.com site. They are presented in rotating groups of 18.
  3. List Builder does not place an automatic check mark in the selection box for your ezine. Visitors must consciously choose to subscribe.
  4. List Builder does not offer a double opt-in service; they do not send a confirmation request to your new subscribers.

So what is the quality of these new subscribers? We tracked more than 1600 names in our database to determine how many actually purchased a product. Later in this report we outline the results.

How fast can you expect the List Builder Program to generate subscribers?

According to Marty Foley,

“This number will vary based on type of list, ad copy, etc. Some have received as many as 300-400+ per day, but in most cases you’ll get 50-200 per day.”

Here is a precise breakdown of the results for part two of our test:

Date Amount
2001.08.29 201
2001.08.30 156
2001.08.31 114
2001.09.01 131
2001.09.02 109
2001.09.03 105
2001.09.04 159
2001.09.05 158

The more prominent (i.e. higher up) your ad is on the list, the more attention your offer will receive.

What type of ezine works best with the List Builder Program?

Here is the answer as provided directly by List Builder.

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Business Opportunities
  • Child Safety
  • Email Marketing
  • Ezine Directory
  • Golf
  • Health & Fitness
  • Humor
  • Information Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Network Marketing/MLM
  • Public Speaking
  • Publicity
  • Real Estate
  • Sales Training
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Success & Motivation
  • Small & Home-based Business
  • Writing & Poetry
  • Web Resources

How much does the List Builder Program cost?

Here are the current prices for the List Builder Program:

  • $197.00 (US): 800 subscribers with names (25¢ per sub)
  • $597.00 (US): 2625 subscribers with names (23¢ per sub)
  • $997.00 (US): 5000 subscribers with names (20¢ per sub)

Are these good prices? This depends entirely upon the quality of the subscribers. Gone are the days (as well they should be) when the NUMBER of subscribers was more important than the QUALITY of subscribers.

Today, as always, it’s about the results… How many of these subscribers are legitimate prospects? How many of these subscribers will eventually purchase a product from the publisher, or from the publisher’s advertiser?

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