Email Marketing: 3 resources to help you optimize your next campaign


Email by far remains the trusty pack mule for most marketers.

This is understandable given the growth within this channel (thanks in part to mobile), which continues to produce a solid ROI.

But, as they say, satisfaction is only the death of desire. There is always room for improvement. To save you from the pitfall of merely being satisfactory, here are three resources that will help you optimize your email marketing program and, hopefully, deliver a dynamic customer experience in your next send.


Watch: Subject Lines That Convert


In this Web clinic replay, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, reviews two effective approaches for building an immediate connection with customers through your subject lines.

How it helps

One big takeaway from this clinic you need to understand is that customers aren’t trying to open your emails; they are trying to eliminate them.

To prevent elimination, marketers must effectively transfer a customer’s attention into interest.

According to Flint, the transfer occurs when you “create a space in the prospect’s mind that can only be filled with what is coming next.”  


Read: CTA Optimization: Button copy test increases click rate 95% 

Button Copy Treatment


This article is a review of a presentation given at Web Optimization 2014 by Jacob Baldwin, Digital Marketing Manager, One Call Now. Specifically, it chronicles a CTA experiment that questions the effectiveness of using the word “quote” versus “pricing” in button copy.

How it helps

The above post is an insightful example of how button copy experimentation can make a big difference in how customers perceive value in your offer.

Customers look at how your offer can benefit them. By adjusting the copy of your buttons to reflect the interest of your customers’ rather than your company’s interest, you can increase the value of your CTA.


Learn: Email Messaging Tested


These slides are from a recent Web clinic on email copywriting where Austin McCraw, Jon Powell and Paul Cheney, all of MECLABS, revealed the results of a recent experiment that put email copy to the test.

How it helps

According to Austin, there’s a very subtle distinction that’s often misunderstood in email marketing: A landing page is not an email, and an email is not a landing page.

Understanding this distinction can help you keep the focus of your email copy on selling the click — not the product or service.

In summary, good email copy is focused on converting attention into action while letting the landing page do the heavy lifting.


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