Web Clinic Extra: Optimize your Email in Three Steps


During our December 2 web clinic, Optimize your Email in Three Steps, Boris Grinkot, Heather Andruk, and Corey Trent answered questions from our audience about email relevance, frequency, and metrics.

We often don’t have time to answer all of our audience questions on the live web clinics. So we distilled all the questions into a few representative queries, and pulled Heath Andruk and Corey Trent in from the lab to share their insights on the latest edition of Web Clinic Extra:

Corey and Heather answered these questions:

Question 1 (1:05): In the frequency experiment shown on the clinic, was there variation in the types of emails (i.e. reminders, offers) in the low frequency email group (i.e. 1-4 per month) like there were in the higher frequency group?

Question 2 (1:45): What are some factors to determine good segments?

Question 3 (2:40): What do you do if you cannot segment?

Question 4 (5:00): Is there one age group more tolerable to frequent emails than others?

Question 5 (6:40): How do you figure out the best timing for emails?

Question 6 (9:55): Can you track goal pages that are outside of your domain with Google Analytics?

Question 7 (10:55): Can you track an email campaign in Google Analytics if you are sending emails with a 3rd party provider?

Come back to the blog on Friday for a technical addendum from Corey Trent. He has some specific tips to help you put his metrics wizardry into revenue-generating practice for your email campaigns.

The complete Flash version of the web clinic, along with a downloadable research brief (PDF), are now available on MarketingExperiments.com. If you have additional questions, use the comments section below or post them to our MarketingExperiments Optimization group.

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