Filling the pipeline … our lead-gen presentation arrives


As Brian Carroll would say, it starts with a lead. Carroll was a featured guest in our recent web clinic, Filling the Pipeline: How a LeadGen Test Strategy Achieved an 86% Increase.

6-11-08-clinic-screenshot.pngIf you couldn’t catch it live, we hope you’ll find the presentation valuable. Flint McGlaughlin broke down three recent tests we conducted that yielded major increases, and discussed ways to use friction and incentive to improve lead generation efforts.

One of the more surprising ideas is a model for increasing friction intentionally and using it to improve lead quality as opposed to volume. If your sales team is always pushing for more leads and better leads, you’ll want to start testing this idea immediately.

Our thanks also go out to — the website that our experts and attendees critiqued in a quick-fire live optimization session.

Questions or comments on the presentation? Does the info square up with your own lead-gen results? Post a comment and let us know.

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  1. Chris Golec says

    Great research with practical application and delivery. Highly recommend!

  2. Dale Underwood says

    The 2 Dial system was especially helpful. We capture email addresses on our “dial 1” and “dial 2” is an actual product selection for a budgetary price. We have only been following up with the dial 2 entries and now see the value of nurturing “dial 1″s.

    Thanks for a great presentation, I listened to every minute.

  3. Hunter Boyle says

    Thanks for posting, Dale. We’re glad to hear you found the presentation helpful. The two-dial method Flint McGlaughlin and Brian Carroll described, and the idea of using it to adjust the level of friction to get more of the leads you want, can make a big impact. Please keep us posted on how your testing works out. We hope you’ll join us for future clinics.

  4. K Hull says

    Marketing Experiments is such a great resource – thanks for sharing so much helpful information!

  5. Lead Generation Philippines says

    I most certainly would agree with K Hull on that. This website has a lot to offer in terms of discussing the topics of internet marketing. I would recommend this to my colleagues.

  6. revenue generation b2b says

    Very interesting study on friction and incentive. I strongly agree that reducing friction increases conversion rates. Since the original post new technology is available from revenue generation companies called progressive profiling. Progressive profiling does two key things to reduce friction:
    1) Auto-completes form fields (assuming other forms on the same site have been filled out by the visitor in the past)
    2) Only shows a minimal number of fields by not showing the same field on future forms if the information was previously collected.

    Progressive profiling will help with lead generation and marketing automation initiatives but as the video shows, design your form with care and don’t try to sell the incentive first. They either want it or they don’t and if you give the visitor other reasons to reconsider it’s a diminishing return.

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