Lead generation playbook: 5 steps to a 375% conversion lift


In the years that I’ve been writing about sales and marketing, Brian Carroll has been one of the sources I trust the most, hands-down.

He understands both sides in a way that many self-styled gurus don’t. He knows what does and doesn’t work in real-world situations, and he offers practical advice, not fluff. Best of all, Brian isn’t afraid to challenge conventional marketing or sales wisdom.

So having the opportunity to work with him to produce our special guest clinic on lead generation was not only educational, but a lot of fun. The feedback from clinic participants suggests that Brian and Flint delivered plenty of valuable insights that hit the mark with our audience (both B2B and B2C).


You can now access “A Proven ‘Playbook’ For Growing Your Leads” in three formats:

You’ll notice that this clinic is somewhat different than our usual MarketingExperiments web clinics. As Flint mentions in the clinic, these strategies don’t revolve around making your contact form or call to action stronger; this playbook is about what happens after prospects hit the “submit” button, and how marketing and sales teams can work together more effectively to expand their customer base and get the most revenue per lead.

As Brian explores the five steps that make up his lead generation playbook, he also shows how applying those steps helped a partner company achieve gains of up to 375% in a matter of months — without a significant budget increase.

Ready to be a marketing hero?

Absorb this clinic and the playbook, then apply Brian’s five steps to your own lead generation and nurturing process. Then send us a photo of the view from your new corner office …

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  1. Justin Baker says


    This is a great piece of lead gen media. It is very rare that I see lead gen related vidoes, and even more rare that I see useful ones. I’m going to link to this great video.

    Thanks for the clinic and keep them coming.

  2. SEO Services says

    Excellent post.:)

  3. Nancy @ Bitrate Calculators says

    Thnx for offering this content as an mp3 download. I much prefer this format so I can listen to the content whilst out walking or in the car.

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