Landing page optimization workshop — from the participants’ perspective


We’re throwing a curveball at our blog today. Instead of trying to cram all of the content from our Landing Page Optimization Workshop into a handful of posts (that don’t do justice to the full sessions), we wanted to hear from our participants.

So our newest team member, Anna Jacobson, asked our Landing Page Optimization Workshop participants about their biggest takeaways from day one. Here are the perspectives she got from three attendees:

Personalized attention

“I was interested in one-on-one, and I got it,” said Stephen Doucette, a Web designer and marketer for Radio Systems. “But getting to see other people’s pages in the group critiques was surprisingly helpful for my own one-on-one work with clients. It’s problem-solving practice.”

A proven framework for testing

“We knew [our landing page] had problems and we had a plan to restructure it,” said a travel-industry marketing professional who wished to remain nameless. “Flint’s assessment of our page was tremendous validation. It’s great to have a systematic process for evaluation. Before this, when we were testing, it felt like we were just testing the wind.”

Honest critiques, practical recommendations

“I didn’t come here to be treated gently. I wanted the real deal – and I got it,” said Judie Hart, who manages 14 websites for Boston University’s adult education campus. After one of her key landing pages was optimized live by our team, along with input from her marketing peers in the audience, Hart said the value of the workshop was crystal clear by day one. “I don’t often attend seminars where I can feel the ROI increase before I even get out the door.”

If you’ve attended our free web clinics, particularly the live optimization sessions, you know that the mix we strive for is three-fold: takeaway ideas you can apply quickly to improve results, plus the deeper foundational principles that help you achieve better results consistently, with a heavy dose of interactive learning.

In our on-site workshops, that mix is even more intensive, and it’s combined with a level of interactivity with our team and other participants that extends far beyond our web clinics. It’s almost like comparing a live concert to a music video.

What you can do to help us

We’re always exploring ways to keep improving our web clinics, workshops, research briefs, and the other tools we use to help marketers optimize their efforts and improve their results. And to do that, we look to our audience for feedback. So if you participated in this workshop, and/or our recent clinics, we invite you to share your comments so we can all do better together. Please fire away below …

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