Lead generation “playbook” comes to life, roams free in upcoming clinic


Our posse of B2B marketers has recently been asking for more lead-generation and optimization strategies.

book-cover-lead-gen.pngSo we called in our lead-gen gunslinger, Brian Carroll, and rustled up a free web clinic on this topic for Wednesday, September 24.

This special clinic is all about getting more leads into your marketing funnel — and growing your sales through more effective lead management.

As you probably know, Brian literally wrote the book on the subject: Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. (In fact, we’ll be giving away 10 free copies of his book to some lucky clinic attendees.)

Teaming up with Flint McGlaughlin, Brian will discuss the strategies that doubled a partner’s sales leads in a matter of months, without increasing the partner’s budget. He’ll also demonstrate his five-step “playbook” for effective lead management, and conduct a live Q&A session to answer participants’ specific questions.

This year has been a tough one for many B2B marketers. And with so many economic questions swirling around, now is the time to optimize your funnel and lay a stronger foundation for 2009.

Join us for this free web clinic and get expert insights and answers to help you do just that.

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  1. Justin Baker says

    Hi Hunter,

    This sounds like a really exciting event, too bad I missed it. Any chance of put up the webinar in another location for the folks who missed it?


    Justin Baker

  2. Andy Horowitz says

    Is there a copy of the presenttaion that there is an audio of??

  3. Hunter Boyle says

    Hi Andy,

    Yes, the presentation will be posted here soon.

  4. Hunter Boyle says

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the comment. We’ll be posting the clinic presentation soon. Stay tuned…

  5. lrmtrainer says

    Great tip. At our company we work a lot with lead generation and lead management in general.

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