Landing Page Optimization: 262% increase in lead rate


Here is a test from our Landing Page Optimization online course

Background:  A B2B company offering business VoIP telephone services

Goal:  To increase the number of quote requests

Primary Research Question:  Which quote process will generate more total leads?

Approach: Multifactor split test







By minimizing friction and overcorrecting for anxiety (for example, adding a “Product of the Year” and Better Business Bureau seal, along with copy about “no contracts, zero setup fees …”), the treatment was able to outperform the control by 262.3% in a multifactor test.

You can learn more about this case study, as well as how to reduce anxiety and friction, in the paid MECLABS Landing Page Optimization online course, now in a new HD video format.


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  1. Brian says

    While I did enjoy the article, I don’t see how this is an A/B Test. Isn’t a true A/B test is only supposed to change 1 variable?
    You essentially reworked the entire page. I would bet money that the sole reason you saw an increase in conversion is because on the Treatment all you ask for is email, not their life story such as in the control.

    1. Daniel Burstein says

      Thanks for pointing out my error in nomenclature Brian. We will update the blog post.

      Please don’t overlook the value of multivariable tests however. You can read more about them at Multivariable Testing — How testing multiple changes simultaneously can save you time, speed up your optimization schedule, and increase your profits

  2. Aaron Hoos says

    Thanks for the great post, Daniel! I love this stuff, wow!

    I can see why people responded positively to the changes — there were fewer boxes to fill out for a quote, and the amount of text on the page is much easier to take in at a glance.

    Keep up the great work; I’m learning so much from these comparisons.

  3. Peter says

    Gr8 Daniel your article shows that how landing page make the website for effective and makes better business that’s why we our Landing Page Designer make Creative Landing Pages

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