Landing Page Optimization: How a navigation test increased leads 34%


Site navigation can make or break the user experience on your site.

So what can you do about it?

In today’s MarketingExperiments Blog post, I wanted to share with you an interesting experiment from our latest Web clinic that shows how a tourism group increased leads 34% by testing their site navigation.

Before we get any further, let’s take a look at the experiment:

Background: A tourism commission seeking to enhance visitor interaction with their website content in order to boost appeal for choosing their city over other destinations.

Goal: Test the site navigation to increase visitor engagement with key site content.

Primary Research Question: Which navigation type will increase site engagement?

Secondary Research Question: Which navigation type will lead to the highest lead generation rate?

Test Design: A/B/C split test

In the control above, the MECLABS research team hypothesized that the navigation was increasing user friction by including an almost-overwhelming amount of options.

For the treatments, the team turned to the site’s analytics data to help streamline the navigation by cutting out content that was performing poorly.   

Treatment A outperformed the control by a 34.93% relative difference in conversion. It’s also worth noting here treatment A also saw a 35% increase in navigation clickthrough.

What you need to know: Most meaningful changes start with analyzing the right data.


Sure, using data to drive optimization decisions is not exactly groundbreaking for a lot of marketers. However, this slide illustrates something more important — namely the reality of just how difficult it is to pull the right data from the mounds available.

That is where I believe the real challenge and opportunity for driving meaningful change in online marketing programs will exist for quite some time to come.

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about how testing and optimization can aid your marketing efforts, feel free to check out today’s newly released Web Clinic, “Increasing User Engagement.”


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  1. Dave says

    Interesting case study. I think split testing is where you separate the serious from the hobbyists.

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  3. Prathamesh Yeotekar says

    Great article, helped me a lot to understand the concept How Content marketing and why landing pages of Website matter,Can Conversion rate and CPC also can be increased if we optimized the navigation by testing?

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