Optimizing Email Capture

How a simple form change led to a 364% increase in leads without sacrificing quality

You optimize your webpages, your emails and your subject lines, but when it comes to lead capture, the email form is typically left out.

There are many rationales behind the neglect of the lead capture form — some to do with segmentation, others to do with a balancing act with Sales for qualifying leads. However, the bottom line is that marketers continue to lose revenue at the sign-up form step of the sales funnel.

In this Web clinic, we shared tests that have revealed actionable tactics to improve email capture, including one test that resulted in a 364% increase in leads.

We also provided viewers with three transferable takeaways that they can leverage for their own email capture forms.



Ken Bowen
Jon Powell


Ken Bowen

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Brent Knauff
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Luke Thorpe

Technical Production

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