Marketing Optimization: How your peers overcome leaks in their sales and lead generation funnels


LeaksIt’s easy to focus on one aspect of your marketing and lose sight of the big picture. So in Wednesday’s free web clinic – Compounding ROI of Sequential Conversion Rate Increases: How one company took a small gain and multiplied it tenfold – Flint McGlaughlin, the Director of MECLABS Group, will help you find the leaks in your sales or lead generation funnel and share three key steps for holistic marketing optimization.

In the meantime, here is our latest community-written blog post to help you understand how your peers deal with optimizing their entire conversion funnel during the customer/client acquisition period…

There’s no simple answer

In a former life I worked in computerized irrigation – a lot of plants, a lot of pipes and a lot of leaks.

The only way to find the leaks was to manually walk up and down each row looking for pooled water on the ground.

The same applies to leaks in the funnel. The only way is to use something like Urchin or Analytics and find the “black-hole pages” – pages traffic goes into never to be seen again. Concentrate on the pages with good volumes of traffic and plug those leaks!

– Dave Collins, Founder & Managing Director of SoftwarePromotions

If your oil funnel had a leak, you’d be sure to replace it

The sales cycle certainly calls for a consistent, quality funnel which has just the right amount of viscosity and throughput.

I believe that it really goes back to the age old question of “How do we integrate marketing and sales?”.

When this question comes up within a company, red flags fly through the roof. It’s a shame because we’re not territorial animals. We’re civilized human beings who should solely be focused on what’s best for our company – because this attitude will ultimately help you achieve more.

Sales and Marketing should align their policies so that quality information is passed from the point of initial contact – inbound or outbound – through the sales cycle. Nurturing is the key fluid in keeping the motor up and running. Having the tools to manage the data is great but it’s human intelligence that ultimately drives nurturing and sales.

People buy from people, not from software or companies. Optimizing the quality of your staff and providing them with tools to better manage and view their data is what companies need to improve lead generation and sales.

For example, landing pages should have some form of unique ID or should be interconnected to CRM so that when related information is recognized, it’s automatically tracked as a touch point. Capture forms should be simple and brief for initial contacts and get more detailed as prospects choose to dig deeper.

– Jason Croyle, Lead Generation Specialist and Social Media Evangelist at InTouch

Connect PPC ads to landing pages to capture forms to lead generation and sales

I deal mainly with Google Analytics, Website Optimizer and AdWords, so my example will be within that frame.

  1. First, connect Google Analytics and AdWords (To track ROI on a variety of ads and keywords.)
  2. All buttons on landing page are tracked using the _trackEvent method. (This will help you determine what buttons/ call-to-actions on your landing pages are receiving the most awareness.)
    1. Buttons on landing page are also tracked using Google Website Optimizer so that we can provide multiple variations of buttons, content, and call-to-actions on landing page.
  3. Combining steps 1 and 2 will allow us to determine what steps, content, ads and call-to-actions work best not only on a micro level, but on a “holistic” level – all together.

Omar Ead, Director at Digitus Marketing

One at a time

Short answer: fix one phase/step at a time. You truly will not know where your fallout point is until you’ve fixed the phases above it. It’s quite easy and inexpensive to test various elements; see what works best to set a baseline. Then move on to the next step in the process and repeat.

I tend to spend a good amount of time building the optimization roadmap before I start tweaking and testing.

– Nick Rice, Regional Manager of Field Marketing at McCann Erickson

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  1. Chris Miller- entrepreneur says

    To add on to what Jason had to say. We own several companies. Barbershop, Financial Services Company, and a production company. Sales and marketing today is about relationship with your user base. It is one thing to have fancy adds of google or a fun facebook page, but if you are not connecting peronally with people the holes in your marketing bucket will get bigger. We live in a society that is bombarded with messages and content. We have to get back to being in touch with our user base, and connecting with folks. Returning email, really connecting on facebook. Reaching out and making folks feel connected.

    Jason, you said it! People buy from people! We have to make sure our marketing campaigns can funnel people into something that makes them feel connected and at the end of the day we need to connect with those people.

    Looking forward to the webinar.

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