Leveraging Compelling Stories: How to draw out your value proposition from your company’s story

“Sometimes, when we get excited about the latest technology we can apply to a page or the most beautiful design, we miss the most important element — the soul of what we’re trying to talk about.”  Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director and CEO, MECLABS Institute

As marketers, it’s only natural that we like professional-looking webpages with sleek designs, clever headlines, hero images, perfectly placed forms, clear CTAs … the list goes on.

And, yes, all of these elements are good for conversion rates (if done correctly). But, you have to remember that at the end of the day, marketing is simply a conversation with the people in your audience. It’s all about the message. Without a strong message, your images and copy don’t matter.

In this Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin optimizes the homepage of organic winery Sedlescombe that, at first glance, looks relatively weak. However, McGlaughlin points out that while there are plenty of opportunities for improvement, the page has the most important element a homepage or company needs — a genuine story, a strong message.  From that story, you can build headlines and craft copy.

Watch the episode to get tips on how to leverage your company’s story to help you connect with your audience and boost conversion rates.

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