Sustaining Momentum: Pitfalls to avoid when driving customers up the sales funnel

“The absolute hinge on which this particular page will succeed or not, the linchpin, you might say, of this offer’s success, is carefully connected to something you hear us talk about — and that is the ‘sequence of thought.’”
Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS

Recently, Marketing Experiment’s parent organization, MECLABS Institute, helped nonprofit BairFind Foundation optimize its minor league ballpark signs to raise awareness on missing children. We are eager to help nonprofits and community organizations succeed in their “customer” conversion strategies, so in today’s Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin takes a look at the homepage for Altruisto, a CIC (community interest company) in the United Kingdom that helps numerous charities.

We all know that the goal of a headline is to capture attention and convert it to interest. Altruisto’s homepage effectively accomplishes this with its opening headline. However, the customer’s momentum, while traveling up the sales funnel, quickly slows down after giving the first few micro-yes(s), because a very large “yes” is being asked of them too soon — to install something on their computer.

Marketers often make this mistake when they don’t carefully consider the thought sequence of their customers. McGlaughlin suggests that Altruisto either reduce the cost for the customer by simplifying its explanation and move it closer to the top of the page, or else communicate that it is worth the customer’s time and effort (cost) to take a few moments to understand by scrolling down.

Watch this Quick Win Clinic to learn more ways to maintain your visitor’s momentum toward conversion.

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