The Danger of Marketing Background Noise: How to communicate your offer with maximum clarity

“The key to getting performance out of this page is … put yourself in the shoes of the person coming to the page and see if you can truly say, ‘I understand.’”
Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

Do you know the most essential element of communication that relates to marketing?

If your answer is “value proposition,” you would be mistaken.

The most important element is Clarity. It is, in fact, not only more important than your value proposition, but it also trumps price, quality of design and even the way you position yourself against your competitor.

Suppose you are actually offering the best product or service available, and on a scale of one to 100, your offer is 100. Multiply the value of your offer by the value assigned to the Clarity of your offer. If Clarity is zero, then your offer equals zero as well.

Your offer, no matter how amazing it is, doesn’t matter to your visitors if they don’t understand it.

In today’s Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin optimizes a landing page from FreedomCare. The agency really has an amazing offer that is unique and appealing – the ability to help sick patients and their families get the personalized care they need. The only problem is, the offer is not clear to first-time visitors. It lacks Clarity.

McGlaughlin shares three principles that FreedomCare, and marketers like you, can utilize to overcome this obstacle to conversion. As you watch the video, you may want to take some notes to help you reduce noise and increase Clarity for your webpages.

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  1. Fred Harrington says

    You wouldn’t believe how many sites I’ve come across that not only lacked clarity, but almost seemed like they were trying to be as opaque and vague as possible. When you see sites like that you really have to wonder how they even manage to stay in business at all!

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