Optimizing Forms: How to increase the perceived value for your customers

A good marketer is aware of the need for a clear value proposition and states this in the first few inches of the landing page. However, the value proposition must continue at the process level where you ask for a response from your customer.

If you are like many businesses, you are probably slammed with priorities and trade-offs, and really, you’re just trying to get things done. Optimizing your webpage sign-up form may be low on your list of priorities, but revenue is often lost in overlooked details like this.

In today’s Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin uses the MECLABS Conversion Sequence to analyze the landing page at My Pooch Face, a pet portrait service. It has a unique value proposition but lacks a process-level value proposition where the sign-up form is located. There is not enough incentive to counterweigh the friction and anxiety that is being created in the customer’s mind because questions like “Will you clog up my inbox with emails? Will you sell my name to advertisers? Is my information secure?” are not being adequately addressed. So, the customer’s perceived cost — which is not necessarily the price — is too weighty to continue with the sign-up process.

If there is a very high mental energy cost associated with your website’s sign-up form, you need to change it. To get ideas to add value and reduce cost on your own landing pages, watch the latest episode of MarketingExperiments Quick Win Clinic.

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  1. Janet Wentworth says

    I am surprised at the number of fly-in ads for your other products that appear on the quickwin videos. Are they really improving your conversion? I find them annoying and a reason not to watch. There are so many, they cover up the material I am trying to see, and very distracting. Perhaps this would be a topic for another quick win clinic!

    1. Paul Cheney says

      Thanks for the feedback Janet. We’ve actually gotten a lot of feedback like this and we will be changing it in the near future.

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