Online Testing: 3 resources to inspire your ecommerce optimization


Optimizing to improve a customer experience can be a little overwhelming when you consider all the nuts and bolts that make up an entire ecommerce property in its entirety.

In this MarketingExperiments Blog post, we’ll take a look at three ecommerce resources from our testing library that will hopefully spark a few ideas that you can to add to your testing queue.


Read: A/B Testing: Product page testing increases conversion 78%



How it can help

This experiment with a MECLABS Research Partner is a great example illustrating how testing elements on your product pages that are probable cause for customer concern is the best way to alleviate anxiety.


Watch: Marketing Multiple Products: How radical thinking about a multi-product offer led to a 70% increase in conversion


In this Web clinic replay, Austin McCraw, Senior Director of Content Production, MECLABS, shared how radical thinking about a multi-product offer led one company to a 70% increase in conversion.


How it can help

 One big takeaway from this clinic you need to understand is that strategic elimination of competing offers on pages with multiple products can help drive customers’ focus to the right product choices for their needs.


Learn: Category Pages that Work: Recent research reveals design changes that led to a 61.2% increase in product purchases


These slides are from a Web clinic on category pages in which Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, revealed the results of category page design changes that increased clicks and conversions across multiple industries.


How it can help

Category pages are a staple for websites offering multiple products, and yet, they often seem to take a backseat when it comes to testing and optimization.

But if you consider there are essentially two types of visitors whose motivations need to be addressed by those category pages:

  • Objective-motivated (hunters)
  • Experience -motivated (browsers)

Then, that backseat opportunity can quickly become a front-row ticket to a quick win after striking an optimal balance that satisfies the psychological needs of these visitors.

Because ultimately, according to Flint, you are not optimizing just product and category pages; you’re optimizing the customer thought sequence.


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