B2B optimization contest winners announced


Last Wednesday’s web clinic — B2B Success Stories: Four tests with gains of 21% to 254% — was the second in our series featuring case studies and test results from our course and clinic participants.

Like the B2C Success Stories clinic, we included a contest and offered three clinic participants the chance to win one of our optimization certification training courses. Our three B2B contest winners, chosen at random, will have their choice of Fundamentals of Online Testing, Landing Page Optimization, or the Email Marketing course.

This clinic’s three lucky winners are:

  1. PKWARE — a data security and file compression software company
  2. LexisNexis —  a global research and information publisher serving several B2B markets
  3. Research In Motion (RIM) — the brains behind the BlackBerry and other tech products

Along with a hearty congratulations to our winners, and a special thank you to Scott Lindberg, Jessica Carter, and June Macdonald, respectively, for participating in the B2B clinic and entering the contest, the MarketingExperiments team also wishes to thank the people and organizations whose case studies we featured in the clinic itself: Jeff Taxdahl of ThreadLogic, Sarah Frazier and Joe Haddock of Summit Business Media, Jake Atwood of BuzzBuilderPro, and Matt Dombrow of Clixo, who also joined our team to present his test results live.

As we discussed in the clinic, building relationships is about more than just tossing around the catch phrase. While we continue to look for (and test) ways to interact with our audience, and build a community around trying to “discover what really works” in optimization, we are grateful for the opportunity to hear about your successes and insights, share them, and continue to learn from them together as part of our research. We simply could not do this without your input.

Have some test results you’d like to share? Plug them into the comments field below.

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  1. Rob says

    Thank you for setting up all your live online webinars. I never come away without at least one good actionable point. I especially like that we can interact and toss in our ideas. Two heads are always better than one.

    1. Hunter Boyle says

      Thanks very much, Rob. Interaction really is the essential ingredient for our clinics — and we’re looking at ways to do even more. Same idea extends to our blog, LinkedIn group, Twitter and other social media efforts. These are all still works in progress, but it’s the input and contributions from participants like you that keep us going. Cheers!

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