Incoherence: The greatest failure in most testing programs and how to avoid it


Mind reading is not part of a marketer’s job description, but mind mapping should be.

Why? Because building a mental roadmap of the thinking process during the buyer’s journey is crucial to achieving maximum conversion, and this can only be accomplished through a rigorous testing program. There are no shortcuts.

The articulation of this roadmap must be simple and precise. We call this coherence. Flint McGlaughlin explains more:


If you haven’t heard us say it before, we will say it again: A good idea in a brainstorming session is insufficient. You must generate more than one hypothesis from an idea and then determine which one/s should be tested. This intersection of science and art helps you achieve coherence in your understanding of customer behavior. Watch now:


Lastly, Flint gives a tip on avoiding incoherence in your testing efforts: Why using “and” in your hypothesis can weaken its effectiveness.

If you’d like to get better business results and learn more about MECLABS methodology that has helped capture more than $500 million in test wins, visit our Research Services page.

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