Is Multivariate Testing Different Enough (or Large Enough) to Warrant a Unique Job Description?


A subscriber recently wrote to us with the following question regarding multivariable (a.k.a multivariate) testing and organization structure.  Below are our thoughts.  What is your organization doing? 


With Multivariate testing quickly picking up momentum and becoming an essential tool, We have seen the need to give multivariate testing its own position and resources and I was wondering if you would have any insight on what others in the industry are doing regarding positions, departments, pay etc…(we are in the dark in this area).


Thanks for your question. While certainly organization structure is very company and situation dependent, I am not aware of any companies that have split out Multivariate testing into a separate department or position. Perhaps other subscribers can weigh in.

Some related thoughts, though.

  • While there are differences in tools and terminology, the essence of testing theory are common between A/B and MV methods.
  • If your organization and testing needs are such that it makes sense to employ specialists in specific testing sub-disciplines, then that might seem a logical way to structure.
  • An auto repair equivalent might be employing a carburator or hydraulic-systems specilist. It only makes sense if there is enough discipline-specific work demand to justify employing a specialist.
  • Alternatively you might have a pool of practitioners competent in the broad category of Testing Professionals and then offer "specialist" training to individuals based upon work demand, competency and interest. Presumably these people would be compensated for their additional advanced skills.

Benefits of this approach include flexibility, greater ability to balance workload and employee motivation to qualify for advanced training.

I would be curious to know how many of our current subscribers have specialists in their organizations for Multivariate testing (or other online marketing sub-disciplines), and if so, how they are structured.

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