Marketing Optimization: Make the business case for testing to fight the squirrel


If you’ve been following the MarketingExperiments blog in the past few weeks, you’ll quickly learn that we’re a little obsessed with two things – the real-time, real-world results of online marketing testing and the strong desire to fight squirrels.

No, not literal squirrels with their cute little acorn-filled cheeks. The squirrels we seek to battle are figurative. That is the name we’ve given to that bad idea your boss has that just drives you nuts (pun intended). The “squirrel” is that red herring that diverts your audience’s attention from the main conversion objective. Of course, since squirrels are more personable and cuddly than herrings (not to mention easier to train), that is the analogy we went with for our videos…

To see how our dynamic marketing duo initially tried to fight the squirrel, please watch Part 1 and Part 2 in our ROI-increasing/squirrel-slaying trilogy.

To help you win the budgetary and executive approval to defeat your organization’s squirrels, watch a replay of our latest free web clinic – The Business Case for Testing: How one marketer convinced her business leaders to start testing and drove a 201% gain in the process.

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