Optimizing lead generation for volume, quality and a 364% gain


When it comes to lead generation, the battle over quantity vs. quality shows no signs of letting up, especially as dollars remain tighter and sales cycles longer. You know this battle. And the side you’re on usually boils down to your role on either the marketing or sales team.

Marketing wants a  flood of leads. Keep the pipeline full and let the sales team have at ’em. Sales wants a flood of leads, too — but they don’t want to waste their time with unqualified leads and dead-ends. Oversimplified? Sure. But in general, this is still how the quantity vs. quality tug-of-war plays out in many organizations.

Who wouldn’t love to maintain or grow a steady stream of  leads while at the same time increasing the quality? Or at the very least, implement a way to sort leads more effectively?


Our April 8 web clinic, What’s working now in optimization: New tests and a 364% gain, explored how to improve lead generation and conversion rates by applying friction in specific, intentional ways with your site.

You can now access the complete presentation, listen to the MP3 version, or review the print-friendly research brief from the clinic and see how using a “two-dial” approach helped us achieve the best of both worlds. In one test, altering the registration path yielded the 364% increase in conversions alluded to in the clinic title. Our team also examined some of the differences that arise when using this approach on ecommerce sites.

We received several questions from the live clinic audience, and, as with our recent Spanish-language optimization clinic, we’ll follow up this post with selected Q&A and resources related to this clinic topic. Meanwhile, other recent web clinics that dealt with lead generation and offer page optimization include:

Use the comments field to share your thoughts on this clinic, and hey, while you’re sharing, why not pass this post along to a friend (but not a competitor)?

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  1. Walt says

    Do you have an MP3 version (for iTunes)? Thanks!

    1. Hunter Boyle says

      Hi Walt,

      Thanks for the question. Yes, you can access our MP3 files via iTunes … though it’s proven tough to get a direct link to send. If you search iTunes for “marketing experiments” the full list of podcasts should pop up. Let us know if that works for you (and if you happen to find a shortcut). Thanks.

  2. Rob says

    I recommend your bi-weekly presentations to everyone I meet. It’s the best of class. Why do something unless you can test it? There is no way to guess which choices will turn out at the top. I’ve been out-gunned too many times by my visitors to not test everything I do online.

    Thanks for publishing these…and free at that!


    1. Hunter Boyle says

      Rob: Thanks very much for the feedback and spreading the word. I’m glad to hear you’re getting valuable info from the clinics.

      Testing (wisely) is one of the most important things you can do to improve your marketing results. Please feel free to share some of your results with us anytime.

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