Research roundup: Our analysts review top testing takeaways from 2008


After a years’ worth of optimization experiments, we grilled our team of analysts to find out the most important lessons they learned — and what advice they would impart to marketers.


Instead of trying to cover every aspect of optimization in detail in a one-hour webinar, we focused on actionable ideas related to three top challenges marketers faced this year:

  • Optimizing for the entire sales funnel
  • Developing tests that produced significant gains, and
  • Improving their cycle of testing and optimization.

The team reviewed case studies, examples, and recommendations to that effect in our December 3 web clinic (“Lessons Learned”), which you can now access in three formats for your convenience:

And if you find this research roundup helpful, take note that we’ll soon be posting our 2009 Marketing Blueprint. Check back for that soon.

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