MarketingExperiments Summits: Pick a city for a chance to win a ticket


Here at MarketingExperiments, we’re big believers in quantitative research. A/B split tests. Multivariate testing.

But, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to do a little qualitative research as well. Or as my Mom always says, “You’ll never know unless you ask a question.”

So I have an (incentivized) question for you – where do you want to go in 2012? Literally.

We were recently debating locations for our 2012 events, and while everyone on the event team has some pretty strong opinions, frankly, you know the answer to this question better than I do.

Share your opinion for a chance to win a $1,695 marketing summit ticket

So, we thought we’d hold a little unscientific, qualitative research.

Simply put, which city or cities would be most appealing to you for a future marketing event?

Let us know from the list below for your chance to win a ticket to a future MECLABS Summit, such as B2B Summit in San Francisco or Boston, Email Summit in Las Vegas, or the 2012 Optimization Summit in…well…you tell us….

(and if there are any cities we’re missing, feel free to let us know in the comments section below)


Congratulations to  Carol Reid, Owner/Marketing Consultant, Carol Reid Marketing, winner of a free ticket to a MECLABS summit. She has chosen the upcoming B2B Summit in San Francisco.

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  1. Amy Harold says

    I’d like to see a conference/summit in New York City.

  2. Gregory Gillman says

    I think it is St Louis, MO not St Louis, MI

    1. Daniel Burstein says

      Right you are, Gregory and Dave. Thanks for catching that.

      Although, thanks to you, I learned that there is, in fact, a St. Louis, Michigan. Although it is probably too small to hold our events. Fun fact, though: it’s slogan is “Middle of the Mitten.”

  3. irene says

    Please consider a town where you have direct flight from Europe, to reduce our travel cost and time.

  4. Janet says

    It’s not on the list, but how about Minneapolis or St. Paul?

  5. dave anderson says

    I assume you mean St. Louis MO. I don’t know of any St. Louis in Michigan (MI)

  6. SG says

    Anywhere BUT San Francisco….it seems like there are way too many conferences there for e-marketing.

  7. Marianne Mason says

    NYC or Philadelphia or Newark, NJ (yes Newark – good connecting flights & good airport hotels.)

  8. Jerry says

    Choice of city depends on time of the year.

    Summer in FL would be ugly….same as winter in Denver.

    And, off-peak times might save on airfares and hotels.

  9. Jeff Hunter says

    Chicago / Milwaukee would be nice. Regardless of the time of year… Keep the travel costs down…

  10. JHJ says

    Would love to see this event in Canada this year! How about Toronto?

  11. Kevin Moreland says

    I’d like to see an event come to the UK.

  12. Teresa says

    Chicago or Minneapolis/St. Paul would be nice!

  13. Chris Sheehy says

    I would love to see one in the North East – Providence RI perhaps.

  14. Elisabeth Szczokot says

    I would love it if the summit could be online. That would definately help with costs.

  15. jeremy says

    I think New Orleans would make a fantastic location for the next marketing summit. And I can even help you make it happen. Seriously. Email me.

  16. Peter says

    Miami is the obvious choice so that Europeans can fly in cheaper…

    Plus you have beaches and stuff to do for tourist…

  17. Lauraine says

    Being on the left side I’d like to suggest Reno, NV or Sacramento, CA. Both cities have a lot to offer including inexpensive hotels and easy airports.

  18. Susan Conyers says

    I’d love to see one of your summits in the Midwest. Indianapolis is beautiful and priced right. Jeff is right, Chicago/Milwaukee would be nice too.

  19. BDF says

    Toronto please.

  20. shelly says

    Denver Denver Denver! I live there. It is a hub for many of the airlines. Conference hotels everywhere.

  21. David says

    San Diego, CA is always a good draw. Weather is good all year long, easy airport, and they have plenty of venues and hotel rooms.

  22. @.l.interpretations says

    Chicago, IL, please.

  23. Kent says

    Chicago is hard to beat!

  24. Eileen says

    Another vote for somewhere in the Midwest, Chicago or Minneapolis.

  25. Robert Brady says

    How about Salt Lake City in the winter? World-class skiing only an hour away and an international airport as well.

  26. Juan Olano says

    I second the Miami proposal.

  27. Matt says

    More in the West, please. San Francisco, Vegas, Reno, San Diego, Scottsdale, etc. etc.

    Also, I’d love to hear your take on the “duplicate content” aspect of SEO, posting this here and on (

    Not a problem from an SEO perspective because they are on separate domains?

  28. Joel says

    Dallas, Tx., the weather can’t be beat in the spring or fall. Its centrally located and has two airports that hub SouthWest and American Airlines. There are a ton of venues – both large and small.

  29. Peter says

    @Daniel Burstein
    There is also a St Louis in Saskatchewan ( a REALLY little town!). I didn’t see Vancouver , Toronto or Montreal on the list, folks? Great cities with lots to offer – and easy access from anywhere! Other votes I would second – Sacramento and Providence (never had a really good reason to go to either).

  30. Cara says

    San Diego, Sacramento, Reno, Vegas, Portland, Kansas City

  31. April Weitzel says

    How about Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

  32. Diana Lawson says

    I’d like to see one in Seattle, WA or at least on the west coast somewhere.

  33. Liz Jacobson says

    How about Atlanta,GA?: International Airport, lots of conference facilities, major transportation hub. (Preferably not in summer, they don’t call it Hotlanta for no reason!)

  34. Tiffany says

    I second April’s vote for Pittsburgh. Affordable and beautiful in May if the summit’s the same time it was this year.

  35. Britt King says

    Yes, NYC would be good as it’s a direct flight from any hub in Europe.@irene

  36. Peter says

    Depends if you ski…

  37. Ishbel says


  38. John says

    I didn’t see an option for Hawaii. I think we have the best place for a summit. I guess Denver would be the next closest though.

  39. Mindy says

    How about Seattle, WA! International Airport…check. Conference facilities…check. Lots to do (even when it is raining)…check!

  40. Teri McCready says

    Reno would be better.m 🙂

  41. Elias Haddad says

    Just finished LPO and On-line testing still Email Marketing to go, but I wish you can hold a summit in Australia so I can attend at more affordable price than Getting to USA. Love your blogs and webinars I attend Most of the time, but Money is not great at this time to go USA love to attend your summits.
    Keep up the good work and till that time Thank you for all you doing to educate us.
    Elias Haddad

  42. eric says

    August in DC would be moderately ugly, but it would reduce costs considerably. Plus, great connectivity (3 major airports).

  43. John Brooks says

    Sacramento, Las Vegas, Reno, San Diego are great.

  44. Rachael says

    Phoenix, AZ would be a nice spot in the winter or early spring. Prices should be ideal for venues.

  45. Alex Fender says

    Dallas is one of the largest business centers in the U.S. and the gateway for international travelers.

    We havnt seen yall down here, but were still waitin. We can kick our heels up and have a boot scootin good time.

  46. Luc-Rock Paquin says

    I would go to an event either in:
    – Ottawa, ON
    – Toronto, ON
    – Montreal, QC

  47. Sean Evans says

    I think Houston or Austin, TX would be great locations for the conference since these cities have a strong base of tech companies and industries that rely on technology and marketing

  48. Martina says

    And I would go to an event in Eastern Canada e.g. Montreal – plenty of amenities and broad spectrum of industries and international companies…

  49. Larque Goodson says

    Seattle would be great. I’d much prefer Sacramento to San Fran.

  50. John says

    I vote for Boston, MA – especially in the summer or fall

  51. Denise Mahnick says

    Chicago and/or Detroit (Metro Detroit’s a great place to visit in the summer – southeast part of the mitten). I’m a little biased …

  52. tamara meier says

    Miami, DC, Atlanta – any of those three. It does seem like SF already hosts tons of these events… Miami / wintertime = win. 🙂

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