B2C Landing Page Optimization — Live Clinic, continued


Here’s a new experiment we’re trying in tandem with our “Optimization Idol” live web clinic on B2C Landing Pages … this post will be updated.

How this experiment will should was supposed to work

Because we received dozens of live optimization entries, and an hour-long clinic could cover only a fraction of them, we asked our research team to analyze five other “elimination-round” landing pages. Their assessments are grounded in the MarketingExperiments Conversion Sequence (shown below).


Like the contest finalists, these elimination-round contestants were also awarded prizes. And now we’re hoping to keep the audience participation going here on the blog …

Blog-based optimization? Let’s test it …

Over the coming days, we’ll post these elimination-round B2C landing pages with a brief optimization analysis and testing recommendations from our researchers.

Then it’s your turn. Use the comments function to make your own suggestions, agree or disagree with our analysts, ask questions, etc. Our analysts will keep track of their posts and join in the discussion via the comments field.

Please note: Due to spam, comments are (and have always been) moderated. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Without further ado, let’s discover if this really works


Congratulations to Beer of the Month Club, which got 39% of the audience vote and won our grand prize: an in-depth, personalized optimization consult with our senior analysts.


And kudos to our other finalists — ArtNet, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Job Search Digest, and Shadow Lakes Ranch — who won their choice of either:

Landing page optimization #1: Senior analyst Gaby Diaz analyzed a landing page from ExpandingLight.org

Landing page optimization #2: Senior researcher Boris Grinkot analyzed a landing page from OnlineShoes.com

Landing page optimization #3: Senior analyst Gina Townsend analyzed a landing page from Shozam.com

Landing page optimization #4: Analyst Heather Andruk analyzed a landing page from Broadcasters Mentoring Group.

Landing page optimization #5: Analyst Adam Lapp analyzed a landing page from Costume Supercenter.

Landing page optimization #6: Analyst Tony Valcarcel analyzed a landing page from BrantleyCure.com.

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