The Marketing-Sales Funnel: Gravity is not your friend


The funnel is a convenient paradigm for the complex process of guiding a potential customer from initial interest to final conversion. Convenient, yet flawed.

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin elaborates in an interview with Jim Ducharme, Community Manager, GetResponse Email Marketing, in this video from MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012.



A few key points:

1:05 – The flawed image of the traditional Marketing-Sales funnel “Gravity is not our friend”

1:58 – The “gravity” you, as a marketer, must overcome

3:08 – The “yes(s)” you need to get from your customers to make that happen


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  1. Bill Solano says

    It really makes sense that we need to attract with a value proposition. Micro steps to get the prospect to make it happen, the more “yeses” throughout the process will make them into a paying customer in the end. This is brilliant.

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