Responsive Design: How Fathead gets out of the way of its customers


Responsive design.

It’s more than just a buzzword. It’s an optimization challenge.

After all, what responsive design really means is that you need more than one optimized design.

It is a marketing challenge not to be overlooked. After all, it’s hard enough to discover one effective design for a website that is optimized for conversion. With responsive design, you need three, four or maybe more designs to present optimized experiences for customers on many different devices.

To help you overcome this and other mobile marketing challenges, I interviewed Michael Layne, Director of Internet Marketing, and Jen Rademacher, Chief Information Officer, both of Fathead.

Michael and Jen discussed how the maker and seller of life-sized, precision-cut vinyl wall graphics transitioned from an “m-dot” website – a mobile-optimized website with a specific subdomain (usually “m” is in the subdomain, for example, that mobile users are automatically redirected to – to a responsively designed site and used two years’ worth of discoveries from multivariate testing to inform this redesign and relaunch.


When asked about their biggest testing discoveries, Jen said that “colors of buttons really affect what people do.”

Simplicity is genius

Michael said that the biggest thing he learned from testing was “simplicity is genius, white space is your friend and get out of the way of your customers. Too many buttons are going to hurt you. Too much copy is going to hurt you. You just want to give customers what they’re looking for.”

So what are customers looking for? Michael said that these are the key four questions:

  • Is this the right product for me?
  • Am I getting a good price?
  • Is it in stock?
  • Am I going to get it when I want it?


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