Copywriting: Call-to-action testing and optimization


For Michael Aagaard, Copywriter,, optimizing call-to-action copy is one of the most fascinating aspects of improving conversion rates, and one of his favorite research areas.

“In the last critical moment, call-to-action copy is what makes the prospect click,” Michael said.

In his Email Summit 2013 presentation, “How to Optimize and Test Calls-to-action for Maximum Conversions,” Michael walked the audience through his own tests and results on calls-to-action, takeaways from his research and how any marketer can improve CTAs through testing.


In this video excerpt from the full session, Michael discussed one of his favorite aspects in regard to calls-to-action – the CTA copy.

“The more value and relevance the copy conveys, the more clicks it will get. You should focus on what the prospect gets by clicking the call-to-action rather than he or she has to part with,” Michael explained.

In addition, he revealed an experiment he performed on CTA copy for a gym membership, and saw an overall lift in conversion of 300%. He also discussed how he applied the MECLABS teaching that calls-to-action are tied together as micro-yes(s) leading up to the final, big yes.

View the entire replay of Michael’s Summit session for more ideas on optimizing calls-to-action, including CTA design and placement. He also gives a framework for testing any marketer can apply to their CTA optimization efforts.


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  1. Megan Bush says

    You’ve convinced me! Too often I ignore button copy to go for the “bigger win,” but you’ve made excellent points. I’m looking forward to trying your methods out! Thanks!

  2. Jon M says

    Testing seems to be the big key. Were these tests side by side, or iterative?

  3. Erin Hogg says

    @Jon M

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your question! Michael’s A/B testing on CTAs was a side-by-side comparison of the controls and treatments’ conversion rates in his presentation. You can watch the full video on MarketingSherpa’s video replay archive:



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