Free access to in-depth merchandising data


If you sell products online and are looking for information on which products to feature on the home page of your own site, spend some time on

Amazon is becoming a remarkable and free research resource for other online marketers.

First, within each of their 35 product categories, there is a “Top Sellers” tab.

If, for instance, you sell garden furniture, you can quickly find out which items, and which kinds of items are best sellers on Amazon.

While this doesn’t mean you no longer have to test and research which products sell best on your own site to your own, unique audience, the Amazon top 100 for each category can give you a very solid starting point.

Beyond that, Amazon also provides some extraordinary data on related purchases. Once again, this is freely available to anyone.

If you sell books on personal growth and development, consider the value of this information.


Right down to the exact percentage points, Amazon is providing an extraordinary insight into which books you might want to feature together on one page.

A few years ago this kind of information would cost you thousands of dollars to access, and now it’s free.

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