How do You Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment?


Your landing page could be a marketing expert’s dream, complete with credibility factors, bold text, and a natural eye path. But what happens when a customer proceeds to checkout and they become suddenly hesitant of their purchase because of a poorly designed page?

With this in mind, should website optimizers focus their attention on the landing page or the checkout page?

Certainly both pages deserve particular attention, but optimizing your Shopping Cart seems far less obvious. A recent article at MarketingSherpa sheds some light on this topic.

Here is a short excerpt:

According to MarketingSherpa data, the average ecommerce shopping cart has a 59.8% abandonment rate. (Can you imagine a retail store line with 60% of filled carts standing there abandoned by shoppers?) Discover the practical cart design lessons one marketer learned from multivariate tests conducted this year. Turns out seemingly insignificant cart design factors can raise conversions.

While marketers toil away on their landing pages, getting more and more people to advance to subsequent pages, the average ecommerce shopping cart is abandoned nearly 60% of the time. In response to this high number, the company in this article conducted a multivariate test, that is, they tested elements on a page in different combinations and then isolated the results of each variable. They discovered a dramatic increase in conversion rates by simply adding an instructional headline, yellow information fields, and a blue button that read “Click Here to Order.”

So whichever page you optimize, you must keep in mind one fundamental yet remarkably simple rule: simple changes in page design elements can yield a significant increase on conversion.

Earlier this year, we published an article that addressed how minor changes to your website can have a major impact on your conversion rate. With a multivariate test, we discovered that even a highly-optimized page can be improved with small changes in the headline, page design, and color.

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  1. aga98 says

    Wow, great info. I have similar abandonment rate and was wondering what to do!

    Keep on posting!

  2. john edelson says

    I have been thinking of joining the BBB online to see if their logo on my payment page would reduce my abandons (currently at 70%).

    I’m amazed to find that BBB online has NO data on whether their insignia helps reduce abandon rate.

    Does anyone have data on whether it helps?

  3. john edelson says

    I have been thinking that the Better Business Bureau seal of approval for online business might reduce my shopping cart abandons.

    I was astonished to find that they had no data on the topic.

    Do you?

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